Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yummy Eclectic Moments

Yummy snacks kids? CharLee looks thrilled.
CharLee still aspires to be a Chef, look at the presentation on this dish he made. (Oranges celery and almond butter.)
We spend many of our weekend evenings with a good flick and popcorn. 

Fearless with the pups. She is the Alpha Animal.
Beau counts, 1-2 WEEEE! It was a fun brisk day at the baby park.

A tender moment (not captured very well), but still oh' so sweet! Sleeping Beauty is Beaus latest craze. CharLee endures the feisty princess.
Wide mouth Bass contest. Who do you think wins? And where did they get the genes?


McGraths said...

So sweet. When can Beau move in with me?