Thursday, February 12, 2009

All I Need

Lately Life has been a bit of a challenge, like many are facing. . . .economy crisis drama.  I view the Luv become anxious on days and you think I would become worried. However, I do not feel anxious, I feel peace. Peace that Father knows what is best for us, peace that our path is lead.  Last night I layed on the shag by the piano as Luv serenaded with some good old Josh Kadison "Beautiful in my Eyes" , and then this morning Luv came in from taking the pups potty and then crawled back into bed to snuggle and stroke my hair; this fizzles out any doubt, we will be okay. . . we have each other.  That reassurance is all I need in this unpredictable world.   When I am weak the Luv is my strength and when he feels the same, I am dido.


amber johnson said...

Hey! Your photographs are beautiful of the family below. Love them! I just wanted to tell you that Blake mentioned Charlie the other day. He's like, "Mom, I remember a friend I haven't played with in a long time. Charlie!" I can't believe their awesome memories.

amber johnson said...
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