Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom we are so grateful for you in our Life. We hope you have a beautiful fall colored birthday!
Love, Ashley, Matthew, CharLee and Beau

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Loooove this Season!

My friend wrote why she loves this season, and I must agree, its my favorite too! I really really feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place with 4 seasons, there is always something magical to look forward to.

So here are some of my loves of Fall Season...

Cozy Fall Sweaters (I love Matthew in his), Boots and Blankies

Fireplace cuddling and herbal teas

Canyon drives up the Alpine Loop.

Smell of Orange clove wassail.

Brisks walks with the Family.

Knitting hat and scarf creations.

Opening the windows to smell the fresh fall air.

Picking colored leaves, and watching the kids play in them. . .Crunch!

Garden Yummy meals and Fall soups, love Butternut squash and Tomato Basil.

Holiday craft time with the Kids and indoor campouts.

Beautiful photography backgrounds.

Planning for the many Family gatherings and Holidays!

How could you not LOVE this place!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Happy 31st for the Luv

The kids worked hard on your banner and decor the night before.
And enjoyed first tastes of your cake.
Next morn we picked you up at the airport and the babes worked hard on your requested breakfast.
CharLee was anxious for you to open your presents. . .so you opened a few.
Loves for Daddy!
We went to the Lisonbee's to celebrate that night, because your lil bro was receiving the priesthood to serve his mission. A bunch of good lookin' honorable Lisonbee men.
CharLee made a novel with illustrations of you and all. He is quite the chip off the block. So excited for your Novel!!!!
Mom Bee, Whitney and Jason came to celebrate.
Moma Grand( love having you here!!!) and Lane.
Papa Bear Bee , Grandpa Horse and Lane.
Grandma Horse, Lee, Jo and Soren also came.
Sweet Whitney.
Dad gave you a real MAN's tool. The Lisonbee's always all gather together with such love to celebrate, I love that about your family.
Your cake. . . that was quite the process, but oh so worth it for you.
Sweet CharLee also presented you with his lil (gluten free) cake to blow out a candle.

We enjoyed watching reels of you growing up in the new Bee's theatre.

It was such a beautiful day of celebrating your life. I love you and cherish being your wife. Every moment with you is sweet.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Bday Luv

je vous adore. I was so grateful I only had to miss you 3 short days. I loved celebrating with you. . .it was a beautiful day.

(more celebration pics to come)
Luvs, Ta Femme

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby's Arrival

We officially scheduled our babys arrival.

Andilyn Sage Lisonbee

will arrive

Tuesday, October 20th at 6:30a.m.

4 weeks to go!!!

And so I patiently wait. . . I wonder if she'll look like Beau?

A Plan

With going even more serious about gluten, dairy and yeast free with CharLee; today we are making Yeast free tortillas for future vegan pizzas. (recipe in my Moms book: Back to the House of Health 1). It has been fun becoming more creative in the kitchen. In a way I have been already prepared for this because of my parents educating me. . .so grateful. If I can just find a good recipe for pizza crust I think we'll be set. We already don't have much gluten,yeast, sugar or dairy in our home. Next year the goal for food storage will be to store 25lbs of grain (millet,raw buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa) each month and then I can also sprout or make any necessary flours from these. Plans are in the making:) If you have any good recipes send them my way please:)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prep for Luvs Bday

This week its prep time for Luvs 31st Bday. It probablly won't entail the party as we did for his 30th but I am excited.

This year I am creating/painting a Red Sox Logo Plaque for his office. This may not seem too exciting, but he has always loved the Red Sox since he was a little boy. He should love it hopefully.

As for his cake. . .his request is a mint ganache chocolate creation. Wish me luck.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I did It!

I really can't believe I did It!!! Exhausted and all.

Bottled our Red garden Tomatoes. Get ready family for lots of Tomatoe Basil and Gazpacho soups.

Dehydrated our delicious golden sweet tomatoes. . . they are candy for me and the kids!

and made a batch of not so sweet freezer raspberry jam for the Handsome:)

It does help me to keep busy now days. . .

I better get lots of Kisses!

You Know You Have a Princess. . .

You know you have a Princess when:

1. She says

"You have Princess ears?"

. . .when I wore my stud earrings. And then says,

"oh its pocky, owweee?"

. . .and then says,

"I want pocky, I want Princess ears!"

2. She rubs lip gloss all over her face, legs, arms and hair and comes to you and says,

"How I Look. . . most Booootiful?!"

3. She looks into her closet after I got her all ready for the day and points up to the dresses, first the yellow one and says,

"I want to wear Belle princess!"

I then change her into her yellow church dress. She then admires herself and says,

"Nope, no like it, I want off me."

Then points to a pink dress and says,

"I want I Know You (meaning Sleeping Beauty) dress, Otay."

4. Its bedtime and she cry's herself to sleep because you won't paint her toes and fingers until morning.


Friday, September 11, 2009

New Halloween Look

The kids and I have been busy starting to pull out the Fall/Halloween Decor. We put up ghost lights in CharLee's room and a pumpkin in Beaus and officially hung up the Fall time wreath. We are coming upon our favorite time of year. . . I know its a bit early, but I will be down after the 18th of October, and I want to enjoy the season and kids before then.

Let the Fall festivities Begin!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Baptism

Its hard to believe 8 years ago CharLee was my little babe, and now he is so grown up. Sept 5, 2009 you are baptised.
I feel honored to be your mother as I have watched you grow and continue with your sensitive heart, always trying to Choose the Right.
New Shoes, White shirt and a tie you can actually "tie". Looking like a little missionary already.
Dad helps you get ready for the big day.
Teaches you to tie your tie for the first time.
You were so sweet when you came out of the water. Beau was standing right at the glass and you looked up at Dad with a big grin and then gave him a good long squeeze. Your confirmation was beautiful and the spirit was so strong. Everyone loved hearing your sweet voice sing as Dad played for you.
Happy Family of 5, almost. Mom, Dad and Beau Loooooove you!
Grandma and Grandpa Horse love you.
Aunt Whitney and Jason love you.
Uncle Lee and Jo and Soren love you.
Uncle Lane, getting ready for his mission.
Uncle Drew and Arica love you.
Grandma and Grandpa Bee love you.
Grandma Essa and Grandpa Popeye love you.
Baptism cake.

Your baptism journal.
Beau in her new butterfly shirt Popeye gave you.
Your own scriptures engraved with your name along with markers and a hymn book.
Home made bread from Grandma Horse.
Beau was starting to get jealous wondering why you were having another bday:)
Uncle Lane gave you a fun game.
Grandma Bee made you a prayer pillow. She has made these for all her own children and now her first Grandchild. You can draw a picture of you and Jesus on the back.
Scripture stickers and a "My very own" Baptism towel you used, from Essa and Popeye.

It was an amazing day for all of us. We love you Bear and are so proud of you. The day even ended with a great BYU game and a Baptism "apple cider" toast with Mom and Dad. A beautiful spirit filled day. . . all because of YOU.