Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Bday Luv

je vous adore. I was so grateful I only had to miss you 3 short days. I loved celebrating with you. . .it was a beautiful day.

(more celebration pics to come)
Luvs, Ta Femme


jer and syd said...

I am so lame, to answer your question, am i in town...We moved back to Utah a few weeks ago, so yes I am in town and will be for the next 10 months. For some reason I thought I told you. I am sorry.

PS Oct. 20th is my birthday!! and i was born on a Tuesday too. I have always loved my birthday. So much that I wanted this baby to born in Oct. you picked a great day for sweet Andi to be born. My actual due date is Dec. 4, but I am hoping to go early as i did with the girls, so I am sending my energies out for around Nov. 13.