Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prep for Luvs Bday

This week its prep time for Luvs 31st Bday. It probablly won't entail the party as we did for his 30th but I am excited.

This year I am creating/painting a Red Sox Logo Plaque for his office. This may not seem too exciting, but he has always loved the Red Sox since he was a little boy. He should love it hopefully.

As for his cake. . .his request is a mint ganache chocolate creation. Wish me luck.


McGraths said...

We'll be camping again this weekend. Depending on what time you're making the "creation," I may be able to help you. I'm guessing we'll be home after lunch. Call me if you need help!

jo said...

Go Ash! You are wonder women! Great job on your food projects. Exhausting...but worth it:)! Is the fam getting together for matthew's b-day? Do you need my help with anything?

Ann Mitchell said...

Love those Red Sox!!!! I got to sit behind home plate in April in Fenway Park for a game versus the Orioles!