Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Baptism

Its hard to believe 8 years ago CharLee was my little babe, and now he is so grown up. Sept 5, 2009 you are baptised.
I feel honored to be your mother as I have watched you grow and continue with your sensitive heart, always trying to Choose the Right.
New Shoes, White shirt and a tie you can actually "tie". Looking like a little missionary already.
Dad helps you get ready for the big day.
Teaches you to tie your tie for the first time.
You were so sweet when you came out of the water. Beau was standing right at the glass and you looked up at Dad with a big grin and then gave him a good long squeeze. Your confirmation was beautiful and the spirit was so strong. Everyone loved hearing your sweet voice sing as Dad played for you.
Happy Family of 5, almost. Mom, Dad and Beau Loooooove you!
Grandma and Grandpa Horse love you.
Aunt Whitney and Jason love you.
Uncle Lee and Jo and Soren love you.
Uncle Lane, getting ready for his mission.
Uncle Drew and Arica love you.
Grandma and Grandpa Bee love you.
Grandma Essa and Grandpa Popeye love you.
Baptism cake.

Your baptism journal.
Beau in her new butterfly shirt Popeye gave you.
Your own scriptures engraved with your name along with markers and a hymn book.
Home made bread from Grandma Horse.
Beau was starting to get jealous wondering why you were having another bday:)
Uncle Lane gave you a fun game.
Grandma Bee made you a prayer pillow. She has made these for all her own children and now her first Grandchild. You can draw a picture of you and Jesus on the back.
Scripture stickers and a "My very own" Baptism towel you used, from Essa and Popeye.

It was an amazing day for all of us. We love you Bear and are so proud of you. The day even ended with a great BYU game and a Baptism "apple cider" toast with Mom and Dad. A beautiful spirit filled day. . . all because of YOU.


Hubba's Thoughts said...

Congrats Charlie, that is great!! I was in charge of the stake baptism this month and saw Charlie's name on the list to be baptized in your old ward.. I was sorry you guys weren't going to be there, but we know you're enjoying you new ward!!! And yes, I'm the new Primary Pres. in our ward.... STRESSFUL!! Have a great night.

Chot Z said...

Congrats to your little CharLee. I love his cake!

jo said...

I love the way you did this post! Good to chat with ya for a sec today, just let me know when you wanna come over for the matthew milk:) If you are car-less tommorrow no worries i can run it by sometime. love you ash

Katie said...

This post is so beautiful! CharLee is an amazing little man! We miss him in our primary.I can't wait to get our families together.