Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Happy 31st for the Luv

The kids worked hard on your banner and decor the night before.
And enjoyed first tastes of your cake.
Next morn we picked you up at the airport and the babes worked hard on your requested breakfast.
CharLee was anxious for you to open your presents. . .so you opened a few.
Loves for Daddy!
We went to the Lisonbee's to celebrate that night, because your lil bro was receiving the priesthood to serve his mission. A bunch of good lookin' honorable Lisonbee men.
CharLee made a novel with illustrations of you and all. He is quite the chip off the block. So excited for your Novel!!!!
Mom Bee, Whitney and Jason came to celebrate.
Moma Grand( love having you here!!!) and Lane.
Papa Bear Bee , Grandpa Horse and Lane.
Grandma Horse, Lee, Jo and Soren also came.
Sweet Whitney.
Dad gave you a real MAN's tool. The Lisonbee's always all gather together with such love to celebrate, I love that about your family.
Your cake. . . that was quite the process, but oh so worth it for you.
Sweet CharLee also presented you with his lil (gluten free) cake to blow out a candle.

We enjoyed watching reels of you growing up in the new Bee's theatre.

It was such a beautiful day of celebrating your life. I love you and cherish being your wife. Every moment with you is sweet.


McGraths said...

Looks like a great party! I'm glad the cake turned out! Sorry I couldn't help.

Katie Lane said...

What a fun birthday!!! and awesome wife!