Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dancin in the Rain

I just have to say I am the luckiest woman in the be married to a man who will dance crazily in the rain with me for an hour and a half. Heavenly Father sent me my perfect match.

I also love that our children love to dance just as much as we do...I will never forget little Andi head bobbing to the beat tonight. And Andi sang "Baby of Mine" to me before bed. Never forget these moments.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My little Angels

So having them both here..I think of when I was in the hospitol years ago, felt two little angels giving me strength..I wonder, was these two.

Beau I are becoming closer and closer. She really does look and act like I did when I was young, at least that is what Mom says. Beau wears pink, tutus and sparkles. She helps me with recipes and argues cleaning up. She asked me tonight how she can become a real fairy. The way to really reach Beau is with a lot of love...she is headstrong but so tender and sweet...I pray I can teach her well so she can use that strength for all things good:)She is also trying to be a little friend to Andi, as hard as it is to now have a sister who irritates her at times, she is really trying.

Andi is still our "Little One". She is also full of vivacious but sweet energy. She loooooves to dance and is very opinionated on the song she wants. She has the sweetest little singing voice. She started to sing "Baby of Mine," a song I sing to the girls before bed. One moment I will never forget is when she came and spooned with me on the couch, looked up at me and said," Mommy I got choo I got choo, You safe." She also still remains our lover of the climb. I caught her on the top of our piano, and still loves to flip backwards off the edge of our couch. I can see her going to sky dive someday with her Grma Bee. When she grows up, I have a feeling I won't want to know what she is doing until she gets home.

CharLee a Rock Star

So we are backtracking a bit...This is CharLee breaking it down the last day of 3rd grade. He also put together a very creative Graduation party.
CharLee is growing up to fast. In a month I will have a 10 year old, and what is even scarier is that Matthew and I got married when Lane was that age and now he is on a mission. Please time, slow down. CharLee remains to be tender, helpful, sweet, brilliant and a lover of all things movie,theme parks, creative and waterfilled. He has loved having a 7 peaks pass this summer. I love it when I can just talk to him before bed and hear his joys, ideas and fears. He also jsut has that in born spirit to know good. He bears his testimony and its his. I felt that when he was very young that he woudl be very spiritually strong amidst his physical challenges. One night He asked about how he would know when he finds the girl to marry...He replied, "well I think it maybe Aspyn, I don't know."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Mother's Wisdom

Mom used to tell me growing up, Ill never forget: "When someone copies you it is the highest form of a compliment." I used to get bugged when someone would copy my art when I was little:) I know see this in a new light.
"Sometimes in Life you have to do things you really don't want to do, you just do it."
"Sometimes you wake up and you have no other choice but to go on, breathe and live another day."

Mom I know you may never know how much you have done for me and so many others but I want you to know You are my Hero. Thank you for teaching me loving me and helping through so many hard times and believing in me.

Ashley Rose

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry Family Sorry Blog

So I need to apologize and forgive myself for not posting. It was a so called journal of mine to express and document our family and was also very theraputic for me. After the birth of my third little Angel Andilyn and after some other major extended family drama I let it go....I am now going to try to return and post at least once a month...may this be a return. For my Family I cherish, life still remains sweet.