Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beau's Day

Tomorrow my little Isabeau will turn 3.

I reminisce back to the hospital...4 years ago. I was laying in a room, alone. I was told the doctors would perform a hysterectomy if they couldn't get the infection under control. I was so scared, so weak. I prayed. I prayed for comfort, for answers. It was then I felt such a warm feeling of peace and felt two spirits strengthening me, telling me Moma it's okay we are here and we are coming. I then remember as the doctors came in to check me and I told them it was okay because I had more spirits coming to us.

A year past and I grew a little stronger each day as I slowly once again tried to rebuild my atrophying weak lithe body. I knew I would overcome,it was extremely hard, not by myself...only with the healing that my Savior could give, of which He gave 6 years ago when I went through trauma while I was pregnant with my little Boy. I being given many blessings knew and held onto my promise of healing and knew with Him all things are possible.

The year I found out our Beau was coming,I knew it was His miracle for us. We waited for six years to have the blessing of her beautiful lively spirit. She has taught me and I continue to pray I will be able to be inspired to be the Mother she will need to get through her life journey. First glance she was delicate,beautiful and strong. I thank my Heavenly Father for continuing to allow me to be a Mother to my 3 beautiful children, all of them came from much prayer, faith and pure miracles. Happy Birthday little Beau, Moma loves you. I love my 3 little guardian angels that came to our family to show me how to be a Mother.