Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree Hunt 2011

This year we spent Thanksgiving out in Ioka with Matthews Grandparents. The kids always love to go out to the Ranch where they can frolic with the cousins and hear the Moo cows in the morn. We ate at Aunt Lisas. To end the celebration we went up for a 4 hour excursion in the snowy Uintas to find our little tree for our home. We were so proud of the Buick it made it the whole way. The kids loved playing in the snow and the search for the tree. Matthew and I even woke up early and ran the Turkey Trot down the honor of the Jenkins:)

A Much needed Family Time

Park City! Yeah! I have so many fond memories of this beautiful place. Strolling Main street, Art Fairs with Mom, Skiing, Good Food, Hot Cocoa and Snuggling by the fire as it snows. Mom and Dad Lisonbee were so great to let us use their condo for a few days. We did main and ate a lovely breakfast at the Eating Establishment. Found a few Christmas gifts on Main and some other interesting things:)Swam and Swam and snuggled in the room.

Kid Highlights

Talented CharLee bear won Reflections this year. The theme was "Diversity Means."

Little Andi's 1st haircut...she did great. My dear friend came over to cut it, thank you Melanie, for the lil aline bob.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Beautiful Heartbreak/ Refiners Fire (Up to this point)

This song so touched my heart and I shed many tears. It was funny because after fast sunday I was ready for bed feeling very lethargic and felt a strong push, prompting to sit down and release my Refiners Fire up to this point:)
So this post is mainly for me to clear, let go and release the fear and pain from these refiners moments in my life and replace in my heart the healing power of my Saviors love and his wisdom to break me down so I can be humbled and built into who He intends for me to become:)
This is my story and my own testimony of my personal experiences that have refined me up to this point in life. How blessed I am.
Matthew and I were married Dec. 8,2001. Shortly after we were married, we were soon to be new parents to our baby boy CharLee. 21 weeks along, I had 3 grand mal seizurs and found I had an astrocytoma tumor in my brain. The doctors gave me the option to operate and we prayed and felt wait. I also remember Matthew saying maybe this is why you have your parents health knowledge. We did not have surgery. CharLee was born C-section and beautiful. So thankful to be a Mother but struggled with not knowing how long I was to be around and so I admit was very smoothering of him and my hubby, who wouldn't be:)
CharLee grew and I remember not even being able to take a breathe without him near. I just treasured every moment. We ended up moving to California for a time and Matthew and I were blessed to live and work at my parents Center. He worked in the office and I worked in the kitchen and taught Yoga (certified in Utah before we moved). While living there I was told CharLee was not as developed in speech and we went through autism assesments for him. They concluded that it was probably a slight form or maybe just a delayed speech. It was hard to think my first little guy might have to deal like this in life and heartbreaking in a way as a mother to have to drop him at therapy at 2, but for some reason I did not feel he would be too limited, but rather very gifted.
We were blessed over the next 5 years but still had our struggles. We moved many times, to California and back to find ourselves hopeful to buy a first home after starting our little Living Art Digital Business together ( we did photo and video). Instead, I found myself back in the hospital. I had developed a growth in my right female tube:) Of which was caused from my IUD dropping out of place and pulling some kind of infection up. Backing up, I was counseled to get an IUD after my head struggles. It was probably one of the most frustrating struggles I have been through. I stayed in the hospital for about 10 days with a fever until we prayed and decided to operate. During this time in the hospital, the doctors weren't sure I would pull out and was told I may not have any more children due to the infection. I remember in the room that day, I felt two little peaceful spirits gently telling me they would come to our family.
A year later after many tears and relief we were blessed to not only buy our first home but to also be expecting our first baby girl, Isabeau Rose Lisonbee. She was born perfectly beautiful and another miracle baby. We had not been able to receive any health insurance for me with all my med past, and we were self employed, and so we had a waiting period until I could be covered. Well, Little Beau must of knew that because I found out I was pregnant with her a week after my insurance became active.
So our beautiful little Beau was born and blessed our life with her vibrant energetic spirit we all love.
Time went by and after the calm came another great refining storm in our life. Beau was only 16 mos when I found out I was expecting another little spirit...our sweet Andilyn. I remember though instead of tears of joy I felt fear. We had just gone through a very tough year with our business and the hope of keeping it and our home were not great. So being very baby ill and fearful...I remember thinking how can I feel this way, watch my hubby frustrated with our income and prepare to leave our home of which we waited 8 years and built for. Why was Heavenly Father taking this away? I will say it was very very very hard. I remember showing our home to young couples that loved the way we designed the home, and being so sick and so down I felt very empty. How could we go on. I began to think of our strong pioneer ancestors who left their homes and we prayed and fasted, and once again relied on Faith and Hope and Trust to carry us through. Just like the time with my Tumor and having CharLee being so scared, being told I may not have any more children, loosing my health again and again, loosing our income and now loosing our home. I will say that as humbling as this was, I know Heavenly Father did not leave our side, he walked right with us. A good friend called us after hearing of our struggles and offered to buy the home so that we might not take such a loss, and He in his charity took the hit for us. My pregnancy went well and I delivered another healthy baby girl on a serene snowy day at AF hospital. Our little Andilyn Snow angel came to our family. I think my Heavenly Father knew I would need her sweet face to look at every day as the next 2 years after her birth would be very emotionally trying. Shortly after she was born I was again broken in a way that I have never felt before. I was informed my Father had an affair with a woman around my same age and an innocent child was born. From that moment on I felt the most real painful empathy for a Mother and mourned my own Father. Why would he betray us? But in time and Heavenly Fathers power and peace I have been experiencing the healing power of the Atonement in my life. I am so grateful for this knowledge I have and was taught by my parents and I will honor them for that. So I now give this to my Healer, my Rock, my Redeemer and Savior and know He is there for us and continues to heal, bless and give miracles every day in my life.
We found a beautiful rental home close by. I remember praying, please Heavenly Father let me feel somewhat at home when I enter. My husband was blessed with employment through my Fathers business and has worked from home the last 2 years. CharLee is now in 4th grade, will not stop talking:) and is going to test into the ALL program, meaning accelerated learning (for very academic kids). I am also just so grateful for his Spirit, he has always been such a good example to me of how to live striving to be good, and he is. When he goes up each month to bear his testimony I am touched by his strong spirit. Beau is also thriving and doing so well...she is very head strong but I think I am finding out she melts with tenderness and lots of love. She is our beautiful little princess. And sweet Andilyn still remains to remind me of why I breathe every day, she does have her feisty moments in the morning, but overall I look at her and my other children and know I can go another day and I have a loving supportive Husband that has held my hand and blessed me all along the way. I know my Heavenly Father lives and loves us, hears us and blesses us with miracles every day. Thank you for my life, my beautiful heartbreaks that hopefully are molding me into who He wants me to become.Oh and I have been blessed to still health is not perfect but my condition still remains to be stable:)In Gods will all things are possible.

Feed Family Well

So my good friend Jaryn started the cutest cooking blog.As I think of going back into some nutritional counseling, I thought her idea was such a great way to help people even more. So here is my attempt...I will try to blog each week my shopping list and where I go to get the items, my menu plan and even some food storage ideas. I don't know if it will be helpful....I just hope this way I can give without taking more time away from my little ones. I will also try to give tips on snack and lunch ideas for your littles. Be patient as I am not perfect and will be slow at times but will attempt to help where I can. I know how hard it can be to mother with all we have on our plate and want to feed yourself and your family well at a resonable price. So here we go:) Thank you Jaryn for your inspiration and example of an amazing friend and mother.


Sorry, go down on the right column and click on the green soup icon Feed Family Well to get the goods. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Little Andi turns 2

Andi has been pure sweet joy in our family, well except for mornings...she is not a morning baby. She turned 2 this week. I don't want her to grow up she is so much fun. We gave her a monkey mini cabbage patch of which has her cute button nose, books (she looooves books, she falls to sleep every night with at least 10) and a potty book with some big girl undies. Hooray for potty training! I made her the healthiest pumpkin cookies I've ever made (tis the season for sickness)and grandma and grandpa Bee came to celebrate with us. Happy Birthday baby Andilyn Snow we love you.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dancin in the Rain

I just have to say I am the luckiest woman in the be married to a man who will dance crazily in the rain with me for an hour and a half. Heavenly Father sent me my perfect match.

I also love that our children love to dance just as much as we do...I will never forget little Andi head bobbing to the beat tonight. And Andi sang "Baby of Mine" to me before bed. Never forget these moments.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My little Angels

So having them both here..I think of when I was in the hospitol years ago, felt two little angels giving me strength..I wonder, was these two.

Beau I are becoming closer and closer. She really does look and act like I did when I was young, at least that is what Mom says. Beau wears pink, tutus and sparkles. She helps me with recipes and argues cleaning up. She asked me tonight how she can become a real fairy. The way to really reach Beau is with a lot of love...she is headstrong but so tender and sweet...I pray I can teach her well so she can use that strength for all things good:)She is also trying to be a little friend to Andi, as hard as it is to now have a sister who irritates her at times, she is really trying.

Andi is still our "Little One". She is also full of vivacious but sweet energy. She loooooves to dance and is very opinionated on the song she wants. She has the sweetest little singing voice. She started to sing "Baby of Mine," a song I sing to the girls before bed. One moment I will never forget is when she came and spooned with me on the couch, looked up at me and said," Mommy I got choo I got choo, You safe." She also still remains our lover of the climb. I caught her on the top of our piano, and still loves to flip backwards off the edge of our couch. I can see her going to sky dive someday with her Grma Bee. When she grows up, I have a feeling I won't want to know what she is doing until she gets home.

CharLee a Rock Star

So we are backtracking a bit...This is CharLee breaking it down the last day of 3rd grade. He also put together a very creative Graduation party.
CharLee is growing up to fast. In a month I will have a 10 year old, and what is even scarier is that Matthew and I got married when Lane was that age and now he is on a mission. Please time, slow down. CharLee remains to be tender, helpful, sweet, brilliant and a lover of all things movie,theme parks, creative and waterfilled. He has loved having a 7 peaks pass this summer. I love it when I can just talk to him before bed and hear his joys, ideas and fears. He also jsut has that in born spirit to know good. He bears his testimony and its his. I felt that when he was very young that he woudl be very spiritually strong amidst his physical challenges. One night He asked about how he would know when he finds the girl to marry...He replied, "well I think it maybe Aspyn, I don't know."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Mother's Wisdom

Mom used to tell me growing up, Ill never forget: "When someone copies you it is the highest form of a compliment." I used to get bugged when someone would copy my art when I was little:) I know see this in a new light.
"Sometimes in Life you have to do things you really don't want to do, you just do it."
"Sometimes you wake up and you have no other choice but to go on, breathe and live another day."

Mom I know you may never know how much you have done for me and so many others but I want you to know You are my Hero. Thank you for teaching me loving me and helping through so many hard times and believing in me.

Ashley Rose

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry Family Sorry Blog

So I need to apologize and forgive myself for not posting. It was a so called journal of mine to express and document our family and was also very theraputic for me. After the birth of my third little Angel Andilyn and after some other major extended family drama I let it go....I am now going to try to return and post at least once a month...may this be a return. For my Family I cherish, life still remains sweet.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Things

Andailyn has come in to her cute a bit feisty like her sister personality....independent. Like a girl should be but still so tender and sweet. A unique thing she started is when I bring her down from bed, she points to the piano and says "Dance". This was one of her first words:) I guess we may have a tiny dancer on our hands...I hope that would be so fun. Here she is doing her first art with Moma.

Beau is still our spunky joy. She started her dance class and loooooooves it. I became a bit teary eyed when I watched her do her first plies'.... I remember my first time,my Mom probablly felt the same. She also loves to do her puzzles. She has moved on from the Beaustroyer mode to creating 100 peice puzzles...this is more doable.

CharLee our creative mind continues to create organized fun in our home. He does theme parks, resturaunts, excercise classes, art classes, you name it he creates it. He also is becoming a great little pianist like his Dad, composing and writing. I also put him in swimming again. I feel it is the best for him and he has always loved the water since he was a baby. After class he had a big grin and asked if I thought he could become a great swimmer like in the Olympics...Of course son.

Admidst the last years difficulties...I have found my peace in the simple treasures of life, my family. I love you. Thank you for believing in me and keeping me on my feet.