Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Preggo Woman

So we should most likely now for sure where when and where we are moving this Saturday. Matthew is taking a little trip to California to see those options and then from there I know we will know the verdict. Both have presented pros and cons thus far and now I am extremely anxious to just know for SURE.  

Being pregnant this time has been quite the trip. My body has been sick constantly and whatever little being is inside tells me I don't want veggies, Crazy!  I however down them anyway. Last night i did give in to my intense cravings. We took the family to Cabela's to see the animals and fish and we ate at the cafe. The thing that my body was wanting fiercely was a red meat sandwich. I had an ELK Veggie sandwich. . . and it tasted soooooo good to me. I believe that is only the second time I have really had red meat. . . since I had that nasty steak that guy wanted me to try in college. And it is a little strange considering I couldn't touch any meat after I had Beau. Well cheers to being a crazy preggo woman. I have also been sucking on frozen raspberries to help my ickies:)  

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tid Bit Change

Okay so a tid bit of a change. It looks like I won't have to come back to Utah to deliver because I will be able to qualify for insurance out there. . .what a blessing. It makes it a little less complicated; more and more i am feeling at peace with this decision. I am trying not to focus to much on what I am leaving behind because i'm emotional as it is. Thank you everyone for your prayers kindness and support, I have really needed it, especiallly this week. Being very sick, tired, moving details, homeschooling, Matthew is leaving for the weekend to work in Vegas and now Beau is sick. . . I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Also thank you Mom for your yummy soup and help with the kids. 

On a fun side note, I took the kids to Cookie Cutters this week and they gave Beau the most adorable little Aline bob cut. It almost makes me want to cut mine:)

Lovs, Gpants

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Being pregnant thus far has meant constant nausea and not feeling like anything to eat.  So I willfully choke down what seems good for me.  It looks more and more that we in fact will be moving to California. I'm thinking end of May so CharLee can finish out the school year.  I will need to check into Homeschooling in California to see if its a possibility. . . and I guess this also means that I will be coming back to have the baby in the Fall.  Crazy but True:)

Lovs,  GPants

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A New Day Is Dawning

So we are continuing on our journey of life transitions, and I feel calm but eager for final answers.

-I am 98% sure I am being led to homeschool. The ways we sacrafice for our children feels it will be so rewarding.
-We still are feeling both California and Utah are good places for us to move right now. . . which will it be, I don't know yet but am excited to feel peace about the choice. I do know we are supposed to move, I guess I am glad I am not the one who guides my own life.
-Matthew is being blessed as a provider with options:)
-The Health transition of foods for my kids has meant a little more time in the kitchen for me, but is already showing rewarding results.
-Uhm...............I am expecting and it was a total shock surprise; however we are very excited and we all feel its a boy Fenix Matthias, we shall see. If it happens to be a girl I'm thinking Gwenyth Jolie. 

So. . . .  a lot on our plate but we have no room for complaint because we have been so blessed and continue to be blessed each day. Our Father continues to extend his tender mercies.

Luvs, Gpants

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What' s Your Vote?

Sunny California?
OR  Mountains of Utah?

Here are the Options as of NOW.  What's your Vote? Pray for us and let me know:)


Friday, March 13, 2009

B-Day Pics for DAD

 Above CharLee has a new found love in his Webkin he saved up to purchase
CharLee's magnificent eyes
I love the light in her eyes
Beau at her Best
Look at the concentration on my little aspiring artist
Squeaky clean 
The Luvers
The babes can often be found here if all else fails
Some Eclectic Art we made up one day when we were bored
Groundhog Day craft with Mama
Beau is following Mama's lead in a good ol' downward facing dog. Look no hands!
Found Beau one day reading to her babies
Sweet CharLee in the tye dye Alex made
The Stellar shirt you gave from Hawaii

Happy Birthday DAD!


So in light of all the trials and blessings of life we are going through, I found one of my favorite quotes today as I was rummaging through the mess.

"Some become enslaved with compulsive habits or yield to appetites or to improper actions, and plead that they are helpless before their habits---that they are compelled, persuaded; that temptation was stronger than their will to resist. But we CAN CHOOSE. . . We CAN break bad habits;we CAN acquire GOOD habits; we CAN CHOOSE what we THINK by the sheer determination to do so."

-Richard L. Evans

Luvs to ALL.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Dad

                                         Dr. Dad and Culinary LMT Mom

I guess I do have to do a brag minute about my Dad. He has been in Europe for the past month speaking in all different countries about his findings in disease in correspondence to his book The PhMiracle. When my Mom told me they are releasing the book in multiple different languages like Russian, Czech, French , German etc... I asked her why people are so open and excited in Europe to take care of their own health but not in the U.S. My Dad two nights ago spoke to a group of 250 MD's and they were applauding his life saving findings. My mom went on to tell me that a lot of those doctors only receive around 500$/month with their health car system and so it has nothing to do with money. . . .they are humble doctors who seem to really really care about the health of the people and will give their patients any knowledge they can find that will help them. In the U.S. it is a sad state because even when an MD feels like alternative options could be beneficial they CAN NOT recommend anything or they will loose their right to practice medicine. It is my prayer and hope that maybe someday i will be used as the catalyst to bring these two sides of healthy knowledge together. I do feel like the Traditional medicine does have some benefits but when it comes to really helping people heal and especially from disease. .. there is so much more knowledge that is true that unfortunately they can not push because of the system protocol. I feel so passionate because I now have my own personal witness, and my family, of seeing our own health progress through alternative ways and prayer and faith, and the Doctors are amazed at my progression. And now I also see a change in my son and I know their is truth all around us if we only can become humble enough to listen, feel, see and pray. Truth will not be trodden under foot. Thank you again Mom and Dad for your endurance to bring this knowledge to people who need it.
Luvs, Gpants

Saturday, March 7, 2009

CharLee my Hero

So how do like the new look? It was inspired by our current circumstances. . . .What? CharLee has been a champion trying to eat what Mama puts in front of him after he saw his blood tests in California.  We were instructed that with his tendencies, bread and sugar are like a drug for his brain and with his sensitive GI tract he also needed to steer clear of animal proteins. A lot for a little boy.  I thank my Heavenly Father he has put me in the family to have the knowledge i need to help him. Within the past 2 weeks he has passed up multiple opportunities to splurg on sugary treats by his own free will. And today he came home from his B-day party and asked,"Mom what do you think of a hot dog, is it something that is good for me now?" What a trooper. He then made his choice that it wasn't the best for his body and he would just snack on the veggies and come home to eat. I and others have already noticed changes in his behaviors.  CharLee you are my Hero. . . . we're in it together to conquer our weaknesses:) I Love You.

Luvs, Moma

Friday, March 6, 2009

California Bound?

Still feeling amazingly good and full of energy, yeah!!!!

So life has presented itself many uhm. . . unsettled learning opportunities 

#1 Learning to cook even more healthy and concious care for me and my family
#2 To Homeschool? It's looking hopeful, I have a day to spend with Sister Lasson for a little prep
#3 Matthew doing new line of Film work. . . webinars and possible Dr. Dad work?
#4  We are moving. . . .don't know how soon. . . the next 3-6 months. . . we will either try to stay  in Utah county or its off to California to work for Dr. Dad, yes, again, but all good:)

The unknown possiblilities and learning experiences could feel overwhelming; however I feel calm and peaceful about it all. Heavenly Father has never misguided our life and I know he won't let us down this time. We'll let you all know the final exciting Choice. Cheers to an ever evolving ever changing Life!

(Sorry about the lack of pics, it's kindof a lengthy process to put them on my laptop:)

Luvs, Gpants

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seed Pancakes

For Jaryn and everyone else who loves my craziness about health:)

Seed Pancakes

This combination of seeds guarantees a good intake and ratio of essential fats. 

Note: Using healthy fats to burn on (for energy) is better fuel than burning on sugars, which causes more fermentation and lactic acids. 

Make sure you start with very fresh organic raw seeds and nuts 
(order from Jaffe Bros. www.OrganicFruitsandNuts.com or call 1-760-749-1133 to order). 

Preparation: Measure out seeds and mix together: 
1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds 
1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds 
1/4 cup raw sesame seeds 
1/2 cup raw flax seeds 

In a coffee grinder, grind the seeds to flour in 1/3 cup batches. (or grind all at once in your Vita Mix blender to flour)

Measure out one cup and put in a bowl for the pancake recipe. Store the rest in fridge or freezer for another time.

1 cup seed flour 
1 cup millet or spelt flours, or a combination of other (quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, bean flour) 
1 & 1/2 tsp. baking soda 
1 tsp. Real Salt 
optional: 1/16th tsp. Stevia 
Soymilk (unsweetened) or water to make the right consistency (batter thickens after sitting a couple of minutes) 

Directions: Pour or spoon batter into a fry pan and cook in Olive, Coconut, or Grapeseed oil, on both sides. Buckwheat Pancakes

Variation: Use 2 cups of buckwheat (made from raw buckwheat kernels) for the flour and follow same directions for seed pancakes. 

Anything Pancakes Any combination of flours (seed, nut, grain, bean) follow same directions for seed pancakes. 

Pancake Whipped Topping 
1/2 carton soft tofu 
1/3 cup Thai coconut milk 
1/2 tsp. Frontier non-alcohol vanilla, 
1/8th tsp. white Stevia powder 
1 TB. fresh lemon juice 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Government Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

Click here for the Article: http://articlesofhealth.blogspot.com/2009/02/keeping-national-press-honest-vaccines.html

8 years ago I prayed and felt calm about my decision with my children and now the truth I felt is coming to pass. I always have felt  the more knowledge you have the more power and peace you feel. I hope this helps anyone who feels the same I do.