Saturday, March 7, 2009

CharLee my Hero

So how do like the new look? It was inspired by our current circumstances. . . .What? CharLee has been a champion trying to eat what Mama puts in front of him after he saw his blood tests in California.  We were instructed that with his tendencies, bread and sugar are like a drug for his brain and with his sensitive GI tract he also needed to steer clear of animal proteins. A lot for a little boy.  I thank my Heavenly Father he has put me in the family to have the knowledge i need to help him. Within the past 2 weeks he has passed up multiple opportunities to splurg on sugary treats by his own free will. And today he came home from his B-day party and asked,"Mom what do you think of a hot dog, is it something that is good for me now?" What a trooper. He then made his choice that it wasn't the best for his body and he would just snack on the veggies and come home to eat. I and others have already noticed changes in his behaviors.  CharLee you are my Hero. . . . we're in it together to conquer our weaknesses:) I Love You.

Luvs, Moma


Amber said...

That's so cool Ashley! Jayden impressed me this week too, with eating what I put in front of him. We've been making some changes and he ate a bunch of veggies in stir-fries that are not his favorite. He did try to throw a few onions under the table, but besides that, no complaints! I was very proud. Charlie has such amazing self control and I'm so glad you can already see a change. I'll have to bring you by one of our new fliers with Charlie as the star! I think he'll like it.