Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Dad

                                         Dr. Dad and Culinary LMT Mom

I guess I do have to do a brag minute about my Dad. He has been in Europe for the past month speaking in all different countries about his findings in disease in correspondence to his book The PhMiracle. When my Mom told me they are releasing the book in multiple different languages like Russian, Czech, French , German etc... I asked her why people are so open and excited in Europe to take care of their own health but not in the U.S. My Dad two nights ago spoke to a group of 250 MD's and they were applauding his life saving findings. My mom went on to tell me that a lot of those doctors only receive around 500$/month with their health car system and so it has nothing to do with money. . . .they are humble doctors who seem to really really care about the health of the people and will give their patients any knowledge they can find that will help them. In the U.S. it is a sad state because even when an MD feels like alternative options could be beneficial they CAN NOT recommend anything or they will loose their right to practice medicine. It is my prayer and hope that maybe someday i will be used as the catalyst to bring these two sides of healthy knowledge together. I do feel like the Traditional medicine does have some benefits but when it comes to really helping people heal and especially from disease. .. there is so much more knowledge that is true that unfortunately they can not push because of the system protocol. I feel so passionate because I now have my own personal witness, and my family, of seeing our own health progress through alternative ways and prayer and faith, and the Doctors are amazed at my progression. And now I also see a change in my son and I know their is truth all around us if we only can become humble enough to listen, feel, see and pray. Truth will not be trodden under foot. Thank you again Mom and Dad for your endurance to bring this knowledge to people who need it.
Luvs, Gpants