Thursday, January 21, 2010

Andi 3 months

Andi is a joy. Attached to her Moma and always happy and content. She has started to coo back and forth and follows you as you walk across the room. She hates to be left alone, except at bedtime. She loves her crib and sharing a room with Beau. She also prefers to be propped sitting up on Momas bed to see what's going on, and loves to suck on her newly found fingers. She also now sleeps from 8:30 to 6:30, I am blessed:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feeling Grateful

Amidst lifes challenges, it is so sweet. I have been thinking a lot lately. Today about how blessed our family is. Our beautiful home, Matthew's work (at home to aid me:), my everyday spiritual emotional and physical healing, my children, our health and knowledge of healthy lifestyle, our everyday opportunities to serve others, our family, the gospel, our Savior and Heavenly Fathers love and concern for us.

CharLee continues to be my sweet sensitive helper. He still comes in and lays by me in the morn and rubs my head before he goes to school. He is so responsible. I never have to get him out of bed or remind him to get homework done. He loves his sisters. He brings Andi to me when she cries, gets Beau breakfast when I am so tired and dresses Beau for bed. I love it after he has dressed Beau and they come into the living room in their jammies hand in hand. He is sweet and brilliant. I feel honored to be his Mother and know I have a great responsibility to prepare him for his life mission
Beau constantly entertains us with her wit and destruction. As Matthew was carrying her down to breakfast she rubbed his shaven head and said, "I like this Daddy's head,it feeeels goood." Today she started singing "I am a Child of God" as she built with her blocks and tonight she told me a bedtime story about her Prince and Princesses dancing in love. I know someday we will miss her sweetness and her messes.
Andi is getting big so fast. I have felt instant bond with her sweet calming nature. She communicates to me so well, I rarely have to guess what her need is. She is smiling and also cooooing back and forth.

I am blessed by the beauty of my Family.
Luvs, Moma

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Raw Blog

Friends of mine who have inquired of me to share recipe ideas and other tips I have now created on my side bar a new blog called "RAW". Since I can not do cooking classes anymore and don't have the time or energy, I apologize but I thought this would a way I can still help. I have also made a list of the supplements I like to use with my kids on the blog. If you have questions just please leave a comment and I will get back with you. I Hope this helps you all in your journey to helping your own families.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All Things Holiday 2009

Baby's first

Making our ornaments

Last preps for the Eve are made

The Eve begins

New tradition, A Christmas flan

Making Santa Snacks, gingerbread and sugar cookies for Santa.

We go to Grannys for Christmas Eve each year.

Daddy and Dane play blocks together, how sweet.

We love Granny

Andi loving Granny

Beau Loves Dane

Our annual Christmas skit in the Bee's theatre.

Each year the kids open their New Eve Jammies!

We write down our Christmas gifts to our Savior, read our new Christmas story, watch Luke 2, sing around the piano "Silent Night" and off to bed with our Christmas candles.

Santa snacks the kids left out with CharLee's little message.

Our humble little thankful bear tree.

Woke up 5 a.m.

CharLee's first look

Beau showing all her things

CharLee Santa remembered, make good movies.

Boys with their toys, they played together all morning.

Andi you have been a long awaited gift, we love you so much.

Daddy's tiny

Santa remembered Beau.

My favorite present.

And more kisses

Beau in her Princess hut from Buddy

Our famlily got Rock band from Santa and we Loooooove rockin together. Beau loves to sing Yellow Submarine.

Andi smiles and smiles

Our handsome men

The 3 girls on Christmas Sabbath in our Christmas garb. 3 girls!!!!

We had a special Thanks skit CharLee made up in the Bees Theatre

Our Thankful Gang. It was so great to have both sides together including Granny and Dane to celebrate.

Pepping for Thanksgiving at the Bee's, Sweet potatoes and pies.

We blessed Andilyn in our home with all our family. It was such an amazing quiet beautiful moment for our family. I loved having the blessing in the privacy of our home, what a beautiful spirit.