Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snow Angel

On the last day I was in the hospital I lay on my bed all alone little Andi and I. I looked up out my window and saw the most beautiful sweet serine gentle snowflakes falling from the sky. I became very emotional. This and all my pregnancies have been miraculous and precious. As I looked at the snow I reflected on the births of my 3 children and the promise I was given that i would have 2 more come to our family after CharLee. The night before in the hospital there was a storm and the wind was really intense. This is much like my experiences with my children coming to earth. It is a hard fight but in the end I am given the most beautiful gift. Hence, we decided to name our precious little girl Andilyn Snow Lisonbee. She is just like the gentle sweet pure snow that I was looking at coming down from heaven to bless our family. I am so blessed and feel such gratitude to my Heavenly Father for my endearing loving husband and our three miraculous gifts from heaven.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going Private and All is Well

So I have decided since coming home from the hospitol I am going to make our blog private. . .so for those who want to continue to view what All Things Lisonbee is up to, please send me your emails to

. . . And all is well:)Thankyou for your prayers. Andi and I are doing good.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Halloween

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Andi Delayed

So if you haven't heard. . .Andi's arrival was delayed. We showed up at the hospital ready to go at 8am. Thank you everyone for your prayers. . .they did not do an amnio since my state is just like Beaus. After we left the amnio room, we waited for another few hours to prepare for the C-section and then received the news that my Doctor could not be located, and when they found him he was in surgery. Another doctor checked my fluid again and asked if we could wait until Monday the 26th. Sooooo I came home mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted from the anxiety of it all. . .but its all good. My kids were a little confused since we had prepared them the night before. Beau just looked at my belly when I walked through the door with the most confused look on her face. I now have more empathy for those who go to the hospital and come home because of false alarms. And so the "Endurance Baby" pregnancy goes on for 5 more days:)

Pregnancy Tickers

Monday, October 19, 2009

Miraculeux A' Vie

As many of you know, I am not one that likes the front and center. . .but after church I had thoughts that if I didn't have Mattthew take a few quick shots, I would regret it. . .I am glad we did. So here I am in full term glory.

This pic may look a bit somber, it is how this pregnancy has been for me a bit enduring and humbling.

Thank you my CharLee for taking this sweet shot of me and Luv.

It is exciting to think you little babes are going to meet up with your new heavenly friend in just a few days. Happiness is. . . miraculeux a 'vie.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

While Daddy was Gone

Daddy's girl never likes it when the Luv has to go. It was a quick trip to film in CA this weekend. And no I didn't go into labor. So to pass the time ( a whole 1.5 days:) we. . .
Went to the Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving point.
CharLee loved the games, Beau just wanted to pet all the animals as usual.
Balloons are always a hit.
We then came home and decorated our Halloween Cookie house.
The finished masterpiece.
My little creative ones, good job!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Andi's Arrival Details

So for those who want the info here it is:

I am going in Tues. October 20th at 8a.m. to A.F. hospitol.

They will try to do the amniocintesis. Please pray it won't be needed, it was fairly trumatic with CharLee.

After that the C-section with be underway and little Andi will make her way to our Family.

Beaudorable and CharLee Scout

Bootylicious Beau.
Upon turning 8, CharLee started scouts and he loves it.
What doing Beau?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Popcorn Poppin!

The kids and I made the most delectable recipe (from Gr. Bee) of gooooooeey Autumn Popcorn this weekend. The kids then decided to make popcorn balls and give them to their friends.

Not so healthy but good for the heart once in a while:)Most Yummy!!!

Autumn Popcorn (Grandma Bee's)

1 C butter
2 1/4 C brown sugar
1 C white corn syrup
1 Can sweet condensed milk

*Cook on Med to soft ball stage

Pour caramel over 2 1/2 popper fulls (3 big bowls of popcorn) of Popcorn and mix.

Enjoy !!!

Indoor Campout Party

Because I was in such a pregger state this season, we missed our yearly family camp outs. So this week we decided to do a Indoor camp out with the kids.

Preparing our tinfoil dinners.

Oven roasted tinfoil veggies and mellows. No lights just candles and flashlights.

The Luv setting up the grand backdrop tent in our Family Room.

Roasting our Mellows.

CharLee was first to try out the tent and prepare the spooky flick.

One week to go being preggers, yeah!!!

We all ended up sleeping in our nice comfy beds though the sleeping bags were fun for the movie.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tribute to the Moma Grand

For those who know my Mom adore her and those who don't, love her vivacious comfortable loving nature when you first meet her.These past several weeks I have been so blessed to have her here serving me and my Family. She has shown such selfless service to Me my family, her Mother and many others. I am also so proud of her developing her God given talent of Art and then sharing it with not only me growing up , my kids and others she now shares with at her art school who I know are learning so much. She is an example of what our role of a Mother here on earth is supposed to be: serving, loving and nurturing her family, serving others and also developing her unique gifts and then sharing them. I am proud of her. She often says she feels bad she didn't teach me how to cook the "normal traditional" foods, but I know she has taught me exactly what I need for my own well being and my Family's health. . . and we are making our own fun traditions all while staying healthy. Especially now since I have seen such a difference in little CharLee. Mom I am so grateful for you and feel so blessed for all you have done and the years you sacrificed your desires to learn and teach the things to make our life a bit easier.

Thank You. We Love You!
Ashley Rose

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Autumn Countdown

We have been quite busy enjoying the simple pleasures of life making all kinds of fun crafts, foods and visits to cozy ourselves up for the Autumn Season. It has bee
n sooooo fun! Here are some of the things we've been up to...

Canyon picnics & Leaf hunts

(Moms Bday)

Halloween Art

"This is the Place" Outing
(appreciating our Grandpa Brigham)

Grandpa Brigham's Farm Home

Movie,Dinner, jammy nights in the Front Room

(new gluten/dairy/yeast free veggie!)

Pillow Pumpkins

Seed Pancakes, Autumn soups and other yummy creations

Autumn Farmers Market

And while I'm in the hospital the kids are going pick out their pumpkins and maybe visit the famous Corn Belly's with Dad. I have also been so grateful for Essa(mom) being so close during this time to share these moments with and for all her help. It has been so fun to play and create this season. This is Life's Sweetness. Happy Autumn Everyone!

(More pics to come. . .its just a bit tricky.)