Sunday, October 11, 2009

Indoor Campout Party

Because I was in such a pregger state this season, we missed our yearly family camp outs. So this week we decided to do a Indoor camp out with the kids.

Preparing our tinfoil dinners.

Oven roasted tinfoil veggies and mellows. No lights just candles and flashlights.

The Luv setting up the grand backdrop tent in our Family Room.

Roasting our Mellows.

CharLee was first to try out the tent and prepare the spooky flick.

One week to go being preggers, yeah!!!

We all ended up sleeping in our nice comfy beds though the sleeping bags were fun for the movie.


Lisonbee Family said...

That is TOO CUTE! Luv you guys!

Chotz & Z said...

i have to say, you sure look gorgeous for being 8-9 months pregnant!