Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tribute to the Moma Grand

For those who know my Mom adore her and those who don't, love her vivacious comfortable loving nature when you first meet her.These past several weeks I have been so blessed to have her here serving me and my Family. She has shown such selfless service to Me my family, her Mother and many others. I am also so proud of her developing her God given talent of Art and then sharing it with not only me growing up , my kids and others she now shares with at her art school who I know are learning so much. She is an example of what our role of a Mother here on earth is supposed to be: serving, loving and nurturing her family, serving others and also developing her unique gifts and then sharing them. I am proud of her. She often says she feels bad she didn't teach me how to cook the "normal traditional" foods, but I know she has taught me exactly what I need for my own well being and my Family's health. . . and we are making our own fun traditions all while staying healthy. Especially now since I have seen such a difference in little CharLee. Mom I am so grateful for you and feel so blessed for all you have done and the years you sacrificed your desires to learn and teach the things to make our life a bit easier.

Thank You. We Love You!
Ashley Rose


McGraths said...

I keep having dreams that you've had your baby!

YoungpHorever said...

Wow.... Ashley Rose...(the prettiest girl I've ever seen:)

I just saw this very kindand thoughtful tribute and I'm so touched! nice of you to take the time to post this..Thank You for your love and for being my daughter, one of my most precious blessings!!!! My time with your family brings such joy and happiness to me..These are the tyes that bind us and make heaven on earth... Truly! I adore you, my little princess and I love You, like you will love Andilyn Sage and your other sweet children.

All my Love,
Mama Fiamma***
XOXOXOXO (always burnin bright for you!)