Saturday, October 17, 2009

While Daddy was Gone

Daddy's girl never likes it when the Luv has to go. It was a quick trip to film in CA this weekend. And no I didn't go into labor. So to pass the time ( a whole 1.5 days:) we. . .
Went to the Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving point.
CharLee loved the games, Beau just wanted to pet all the animals as usual.
Balloons are always a hit.
We then came home and decorated our Halloween Cookie house.
The finished masterpiece.
My little creative ones, good job!


Wyatt said...

Delicious moments, Ash!

The beauty of your household permeates my soul. Happily I admire and watch each of you - happy to feel of your love.

Miss you guys in my life (sigh). I truly think the world of you and your tribe :)

Good luck in the next couple of days. My prayers will be with you: GET THAT BABY!