Sunday, October 11, 2009

Popcorn Poppin!

The kids and I made the most delectable recipe (from Gr. Bee) of gooooooeey Autumn Popcorn this weekend. The kids then decided to make popcorn balls and give them to their friends.

Not so healthy but good for the heart once in a while:)Most Yummy!!!

Autumn Popcorn (Grandma Bee's)

1 C butter
2 1/4 C brown sugar
1 C white corn syrup
1 Can sweet condensed milk

*Cook on Med to soft ball stage

Pour caramel over 2 1/2 popper fulls (3 big bowls of popcorn) of Popcorn and mix.

Enjoy !!!


jo said...

Hey ash! I can't believe little Andi is going to be here in a week! I am soooo excited. I tried calling you earlier. I am ready with my pumpkin recipe to give you and also I wanted to ask you a question or and I have ya'lls milk. I will send you an email actually right now.....