Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our California Trip

This was a Young reunion in California at the parents house. It was just me and the kids this time. Matthew stayed home to work. Isabeau looked a little uneasy as we sat on the airplane leaving SaltLake.

We started off going to the Wild Animal Park just minutes from the parents home. Isabeau loves animals so she loved the Safari ride; CharLee I belive enjoyed the animals but really loved his face painting and the water area.

So here we are at the delicious traditional Sushi resturaunt. The food was amazing but the seating was a little odd. It was perfect for Beau but for the parents a little too cozy.

The trip was so relaxing; a good fun break. We also went to the Beach, Universal Studios, played at the house and just enjoyed eachother for the week

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lake Powell Last Year

Matthew looks hot, no.

I had just had Isabeau 2mos. prior to this trip. Here she is sunbathing for the first time. CharLee always is in the sand creating his art. Matthew and I love taking our jetski rides but because of little Beau, CharLee became his co rider this year.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Pic I took of Lover on location.

Living Art Update

So here is one pic from the most recent shoot I've done. I thought it turned out pretty ethereal.
To see more go to

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hawaii Jan 2008

So since I just learned to blog here are a few post pics we took on our Kuai trip we took in Janurary with Popeye and Essa!

Both CharLee and Beau love the water just like their Mommy! However, both don't love the sun(heat) like their Dad.

It was Beaus first time to the ocean. She learned how to sit up in the sand.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beaus Birthday
Beau turns 1 July 2, 2008
It is amazing to think how fast the first year of Baby Beaus life has gone. It was fun to celebrate with Essa and the rest of our family. She received her first baby doll of which she picked out herself and a little princess car. I made her little vegan fruit pizzas. . . yes, what do you expect from me as her mother. She was so excited to see all the pink decor up when she awoke, of which Daddy did himself in the Martha Stewart perfect way. CharLee was our professional party planner making sure we accomplished each part of the small affair of which Grandma and Grandpa Bee, Essa and our little family enjoyed. It was a nice quite little first birthday. I do have to say I feel tremendously blessed to be a mother again. Isabeau is the new light of our life. She is sweet, tender, happy and a little bit of spunk just like a girl should be.

CharLee News
CharLee found a sport he loves. . . Baseball. He started playing T-ball a few weeks ago and looks forward to his games each week. He is a lefty but he really can throw catch and hit both left and right. Matthew enjoys teaching him because of his own love of the game and team Boston Redsocks. He is proud to say he has a son who enjoys the sport he loves. CharLee is also much like Matthew in that he despises the heat. So every so often during the game I hear "Excuse Me! Excuse Me! Excuse Me! I am thirsty." So I quickly run out to CharLee and give him a little swig and drench his hat to keep him comfortably cool. It was also so great to have Essa in town to come to his games and cheer him on and help with Beau. It really was such a nice relief for me to have her here to help out. Maybe one day we will be able to live close so we can share more moments together with her and the fam.

Little Chefs Academy

This last week a friend introduce us to a great place called Little Chefs Academy. This was a dream for CharLee. He has always loved to cook creating his own recipes and doing the CharLee resturaunt. This place was so fun. They gave him a apron and had all the kids sit in a colorful kid safe kitchen. They then learned how to create crepes and a fruit salad from their little French Chef instructor. CharLee was beaming! Especially after he finished his masterpiece and was able to enjoy his own food creation. At the end to top it off they turned on Bon Apetit music and danced. . . . another love of CharLee's. Isabeau was adorable as she climbed under the chefs and admired the bright colors. She also found a toy horse in a room nearby and was so excited to pet it. Yes, Isabeau is our animal lover. Any animal she sees, she wants to kiss and clobber.