Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Things

Andailyn has come in to her cute a bit feisty like her sister personality....independent. Like a girl should be but still so tender and sweet. A unique thing she started is when I bring her down from bed, she points to the piano and says "Dance". This was one of her first words:) I guess we may have a tiny dancer on our hands...I hope that would be so fun. Here she is doing her first art with Moma.

Beau is still our spunky joy. She started her dance class and loooooooves it. I became a bit teary eyed when I watched her do her first plies'.... I remember my first time,my Mom probablly felt the same. She also loves to do her puzzles. She has moved on from the Beaustroyer mode to creating 100 peice puzzles...this is more doable.

CharLee our creative mind continues to create organized fun in our home. He does theme parks, resturaunts, excercise classes, art classes, you name it he creates it. He also is becoming a great little pianist like his Dad, composing and writing. I also put him in swimming again. I feel it is the best for him and he has always loved the water since he was a baby. After class he had a big grin and asked if I thought he could become a great swimmer like in the Olympics...Of course son.

Admidst the last years difficulties...I have found my peace in the simple treasures of life, my family. I love you. Thank you for believing in me and keeping me on my feet.