Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Performance

This past year I think my Father in Heaven knew that I would need to be surrounded by good faithful incredible women. These women are salt. He gave me this opportunity to serve and be a part of His message. I feel so blessed. My Luv and my littles came to the performance tonight. I love them. They ran to me when it was over and Beau said,"Mom I want to dance with like my friends and wear pretty dresses," and CharLee was so tender,"Mom I didn't know you could, I am so proud of you." I just now pray I can somehow help my children see their gifts and potential and go after their pure dreams.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Have a cozy Christmas

Friends and Family
I printed up these Christmas Cards and then realized I have misplaced all my addresses and so I send it via blog email this year:) I hope pray and wish you all a very beautiful Holiday. If you want to it would be so kind if you would email me your address's to, and then hopefully I can be a bit more organized in my life in the years to come...I have a ways to go. Love you all!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Update

It has been hard to find the time to devote to our blog but if I am using it for a journal I know its importance. This year like all years has had its ups and downs. We continue to live simply happy and that is...we have each other and we have our Savior watching over us. Our children continue to grow and I wish I could just stop time a bit.

Andilyn is still sweet as ever....except when she deals with food and then she shows her feisty side. She turned one. We did a very simple home party with the Lisonbees and Essa. I made her sweet potatoes with pecan crust for a cake, and she looked adorable pushing her baby stroller. She has started to jab, she says Moma, Dad, Dog, Kitty,eyes, teeth. Speaking of teeth, she had an accident this week and we had to rush her to the ER and we are hoping her two bottom teeth will take re-root. It was extremely difficult to see her heart ached but all is well.Andilyn has also started to wave goodbye and give the most tender kisses.

Beau started preschool this year and loves it. She continues to have a very inquisitive mind and gets into some mess most days...we are trying to break her of drawing on walls. She loves to draw and give her snow white a bath. Still loving all things pink and princess and demands to wear dresses every day. She also loooves her kitty and will drag her around like a limp doll. Amidst me trying so hard with the veggies, she is our sugar baby, always asking for a treat.

CharLee is now in 3rd grade and is doing well. He loves to create. He is always planning some sort of family activity. The other night he planned the "lets see if the parents can have fun party" and had Matthew and I play games he instructed. He continues to love to draw and entered his picture of his family at disneyland this year in reflections. He also is into creating his own movies and video games. He is continuing piano and wishes to take voice and acting lessons. I don't know what I would do without his tenderness, he is my great helper with the girls.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Son turns 9

It is hard to believe my little boy turned 9 this week. CharLee you are our first miracle. From the doctors thinking I may have a hard time conceiving you, to you being quite the tropper to go through the seizures in my belly and then be bought into the world with a very scared mother having a C-section. Also the journey of early therapy and now to see how far you have come. I have always thought you to be my miracle child and now others look at you in the same way. You are a brave, sensitive and brilliant boy. We wouldn't have you any other way. I will continue to pray I can be the Mother you need to progress. i Love You. Happy Birthday.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


My bohemian babee

Andilyn you bring us so much joy with your sweetness and hyper hours. She is now going on 11mos. She has been crawling and standing since six months. She is quite the mover. She waves and says hi, dada and moma. She loves her baby and crawling up to pat Daddy's head. She has four teeth and won't take a bottle, she prefers her camelbak. She also looooves the water, another water babee:) She has been my sweetness and peace amidst the storms of life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beau's Day

Tomorrow my little Isabeau will turn 3.

I reminisce back to the hospital...4 years ago. I was laying in a room, alone. I was told the doctors would perform a hysterectomy if they couldn't get the infection under control. I was so scared, so weak. I prayed. I prayed for comfort, for answers. It was then I felt such a warm feeling of peace and felt two spirits strengthening me, telling me Moma it's okay we are here and we are coming. I then remember as the doctors came in to check me and I told them it was okay because I had more spirits coming to us.

A year past and I grew a little stronger each day as I slowly once again tried to rebuild my atrophying weak lithe body. I knew I would overcome,it was extremely hard, not by myself...only with the healing that my Savior could give, of which He gave 6 years ago when I went through trauma while I was pregnant with my little Boy. I being given many blessings knew and held onto my promise of healing and knew with Him all things are possible.

The year I found out our Beau was coming,I knew it was His miracle for us. We waited for six years to have the blessing of her beautiful lively spirit. She has taught me and I continue to pray I will be able to be inspired to be the Mother she will need to get through her life journey. First glance she was delicate,beautiful and strong. I thank my Heavenly Father for continuing to allow me to be a Mother to my 3 beautiful children, all of them came from much prayer, faith and pure miracles. Happy Birthday little Beau, Moma loves you. I love my 3 little guardian angels that came to our family to show me how to be a Mother.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Began

CharLee finishes the 2nd grade with proud parents congratulating him with a BYU snuggly. Mom is so grateful for help with the girls. Days are waking up to little feet, squeaks and cereal tinkling downstairs, going on long walks, feeding ducks, swings, backyard water wading, loud music house tidying, picnic lunch making, dirty little foot prints, more water playing, good flicks and popcorn and tired tots (and Mom) after very active days:)

CharLee is very excited about his new computer Dad set up to write his book ideas. He still loves anything to do with water fun and is such a huge help to Moma. He continues to love to cook and watch I-carly...we all love I-carly.
Beau is sweet and spunky as ever making at least one disaster a day, but how can I stay mad when she says ,"mom you angry, I can't see your eyes". She is quite the diva dancer ;loves to go on moma walks, feed the ducks, find blowers and birds and runs almost the whole way.
Andi Has 2 toofers! Is luvy and cuddily and quite the mover...she scoots all over the house. She sits and eats in her highchair now and we love her hyper hours.
Matthew continues to write his Novel and we all cheer him on...go Luv!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is the Dance/Music Company I am going to a part of. Feeling so much gratitude to my Heavenly Father who loves and continues to bless me. And for my dear Husband Matthew who encourages and supports me.

The Diamond Dance Company was formed in 2004. We are a group of women who are dedicated to uplifting and inspiring women through music and dance. We perform (free of charge) at different events, mostly Enrichment Activities for women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon).

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Born to Dance

So I feel like I am either a little girl again or its Christmas. I am going to dance with a dance co group by the invite of a friend I danced with in highschool. We get to bring our kids to play while we rehearse together once a week for a few hours and then preform once or so a month. It is a company that preforms for Church functions to invite the spirit with its tender message. I think it is Heavenly Father giving me another little tender mercy. Especially during this time...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feild Day with the Kids

It began early Friday with a long walk to CharLee's school...ruffed it through the crazy construction. The girls enjoyed their O so sugary otter pops as CharLee broke it down doing the Charlston. Afterwards we had a picnic with the brother and played in the sun. The girls were a bit wiped for the long trek was actually nice:). CharLee said,"Mom Thankyou for coming, it makes me feel like you are proud of my talents, like singing and dancing and stuff."
We love you CharLee Bear!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOOK AT YOURSELF...Perspective...Be thankful

A little pick me up

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Birthday

My birthday was good. I had my little family around me and that was all I needed. I love the paintings that my Charlee and Mom did for me. I also loved goingto the park on a quiet picnic and I requested a raspberry jello cake of which Matthew kindly made for me. I love you family.