Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Began

CharLee finishes the 2nd grade with proud parents congratulating him with a BYU snuggly. Mom is so grateful for help with the girls. Days are waking up to little feet, squeaks and cereal tinkling downstairs, going on long walks, feeding ducks, swings, backyard water wading, loud music house tidying, picnic lunch making, dirty little foot prints, more water playing, good flicks and popcorn and tired tots (and Mom) after very active days:)

CharLee is very excited about his new computer Dad set up to write his book ideas. He still loves anything to do with water fun and is such a huge help to Moma. He continues to love to cook and watch I-carly...we all love I-carly.
Beau is sweet and spunky as ever making at least one disaster a day, but how can I stay mad when she says ,"mom you angry, I can't see your eyes". She is quite the diva dancer ;loves to go on moma walks, feed the ducks, find blowers and birds and runs almost the whole way.
Andi Has 2 toofers! Is luvy and cuddily and quite the mover...she scoots all over the house. She sits and eats in her highchair now and we love her hyper hours.
Matthew continues to write his Novel and we all cheer him on...go Luv!


McGraths said...

What great moments you have captured!

Ann Mitchell said...

You should have your son look at my see our 5th grade Water Day! My event...Pearl Diving 2010!

Team Hancock said...

Hooray for summer!!You guys look like you are having a very fun-filled vacation. I am excited about your dance group you are a part of and would LOVE to come and see you.

Hey, I don't know if you are still up for photo taking, but I would love to hire you to take those temple pictures that you did last summer (you know what I am talking about?) I loved loved loved your work. And would love one of our family. So if you would be willing I would be so very happy. Just let me know. email me @ world2_0{at}yahoo{dot}com or call me. I will give you a call in the next couple of days as well.