Friday, August 28, 2009

8 Years Ago

8 years ago its hard to believe that long ago, our CharLee came to us. Going through difficult circumstances with the pregnancy, he was such a miracle gift. CharLee I love you so much. You have made our lives worth living, you brighten my days and have taught me so much already. I love your sweet sensitive heart and your creative mind. I have loved being your Mom and hope many more years of happiness in seeing you grow to come. Let the Ben 10 festivities begin!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Gender confirmed

So I went in for my Doctors appt yesterday and they asked if they might check again to see if they could absolutley tell the gender; of course I said Yes. The verdict was unmistakenable. . .this is a little girl, no torpedos anywhere:) Andilyn Sage we are excited to see your little face!

Pregnancy Tickers

My Mom took the kids for the day

This conversation took place in the car just as Isabeau had had an accident #2 in her pants and all over the car seat;
CharLee: OH YUCK! (as he looks at what has happened with Isabeau's accident)...
then he says:
Essa, why did Heavenly Father create poo?
Essa:... oh.. I don't know... it's just a bodily function that happens to all of us.... right?
CharLee:...ummm yeah... and also to animals... dogs poo... and....
Essa:... and cats too... all animals poo, don't they.
CharLee:... yeah... everyone poos.....
Essa: (laughing)... yeah! that's right... EVERYONE DOES..
CharLee: ... well, you know what I think?
Essa: ... No,,, what do you think?
CharLee:... I think Satan invented poo...... yeah, I think Satan created it... and also pee.....
Essa:.. (laughing ... laughing).... YOU DO? you think Satan did it, huh?..... ahahahaha well... now that I have to clean up this mess, I think you may be right!!! HAHAHAHAHAH
CharLee: (smiling).... yeah.... ok.. can I go play in the park now?

Love my CharLee's mind:)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Brushes Brilliant

Here are the brushes for the Makeup line. They sent me the pic with the name. . .the purple is for my Moma. . .she loooooooooooves purple:)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Potty Time Victory

So I think we are 98% potty trained. After princess prizes and chocolate bribery, Beau has been trained. She is now wearing Princess big girl panties and today told me she needed to go in a public store. . . now that is victory! Hopefully she won't regress much when the next little comes:)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For pHace Minerals I need your personal preference input. What colors do you love to wear. Do you like shimmer or matte and in what hues? This will be very helpful in the future when the line expands. So far I have 32 colors and there is more to come, so I would love any feedback you have.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Names Names Names

Okay so we are not set, the name will either be:

Andilyn Sage (Andi for short)
Gwendelyn Sage (Gwen for short)

This is hard. . . Maybe it is still a boy and we'll be surprised once again at the delivery.

Only time will tell:)

Okay I have had a few days, its going to be Andilyn Sage. . . now to prepare:) Why did I change the spelling a bit? Matthew has a character in his Novel named Andi:)