Monday, July 27, 2009

Name for the Babe

I think I have decided on a name. . .at least for now.

Andilyn Sage Lisonbee

We'll call her Andy for short
Andy and Beau the little Lisonbee princesses:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


So I went to the Dr. again today feeling mixed about finding out what I am having; but there was a part that said find out. The Dr.s verdict was very surprising, since we all KNEW it was to be a BOY; however, We are having a GIRL. It took me the drive home for it to sink in. I always just pictured me with one girl and maybe this is why Heavenly Father is sending another little girl. . . so I can figure out what cat fights are all about and Beau will be in heaven with a real life baby doll. Last night I also had the name Venice enter my head and I couldn't get it out the whole drive home. . . so maybe its Venice Jolie. . . or I still love the name Gwenyth Jolie. And now I have found the beautiful french name Adalise Belle? I really like that. Isabeau Rose and Adalise Belle Lisonbee:) Well maybe we'll just wait to see when she comes and what fits. There you go. . . SURPRISE!

Luvs, Ash

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Wells

Congratulations. Little Wells is sooooo precious. Thanks for letting me take some pics. We Love you guys.


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photo Shoot Special

photo: Ashley Lisonbee 2009


50% off any single Family/Infant or Prenatal shoot or rights to full res. proofs.
$150 Value!

Offer expires October 1st, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Prenatal Beauty

My latest prenatal shoot. This woman was so beautiful and glowing. To see more visit my Newest and Latest link on the sidebar. . . Enjoy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

pHace Minerals

pHace Minerals. I've been taking photos of the line like a crazy person. Here is the first:) We are going gangbusters fast to get it off and runnin!!! Now to get back to my poor neglected babes. . .the house is crazy messy! Call me if you would be willing to be a Before/After model #801-885-7221.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Other Summer Things

This Summer so far as you can tell has been full of Fun and craziness, but most of the time we are at Home enjoying each other. Since our move, we have really bonded as a family since our neighborhood is kindof distant. I really love it. Beau and CharLee play with eachother, and I with them and just as a family. These are just a few pics of some of the other things the babes have been up too.

CharLee is taking piano from his Aunt Whitney and is doing so well. . .he is really naturally gifted at it.
Beau loves to be out in the sun, and barefoot.
CharLee always has a vivd imagination and is entertained by all his creative ideas. Right now he is working on a movie with his toy characters.

Lehi Roundup Week

First week in July we attending many of the festivities at the annual Lehi Roundup. We went to the Family Picnic in the Park.
CharLee was in the Mini Parade and played the part of his ancestor Young Brigham so he said.

We went swimming, to a Magic Show and the Grand Parade.
Both the kids got the "I don't like loud noises genes."
The kids scurried after the candy, Beau only claimed the chocolate and gave the rest to CharLee.
I love spending time with the babes, they are my playmates.
It was a fun filled Patriotic week!

Fathers Day 2009

Fathers Day

We made our Luv and Daddy his favorite breakfast: Veggie Omelette with spiced Muff Muffs.
Beau helped make him a big batch of his favorite Mrs. Feilds cookies.
The kids also helped make him his seasonal favorite: raspberry freezer jam.
Four generations of Handsome Noble Men, well one a little man:)

Baseball Season

You all know we are baseball fans, Boston Red Sox of course. CharLee started his first year Coach Pitch this month. His team, Limeades.

Beau always playing with her Daddy.

It is so fun to pack up and go to his games every week. CharLee loves it!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th on the Farm

For the 4th this year we did something a little different. We went out to Gr and Grp Cows Farm to play with the Nelson cousins for the weekend.
Puppy came along to run around with the other farm puppies and ran so hard in all the wide open space, she tore up her paws.
All the little girl cousins dressed up as Princess's, Beau was in Heaven.
CharLee played make believe for hours in good old ranch heaven with all the other cousins his age.
Beau ran around like she owned the place in and out of Grandmas and Aunt Joannes.
Mom looking very preggers tired but enjoying the quiet break from everyday tasks.
Beau barefoot enjoying the simple farm life.
Rain came along so CharLee built his own shelter so he could still keep score of the bad mitten game.
Everyday in the dirt made for dusty babies every night.
All the cousins ran around one evening for a treasure hunt. Beau found a pony and CharLee a Legos helicopter.
Sunday afternoon.
Grandma Bee brought her irresistible caramel popcorn.
Lawn chairs, good conversation, food, floating down the canal and much more is the Farm.
And horseback riding.
Babes were zonked for the trip home after the active 4th of July weekend on the Farm.

Summer Fun: Beaus 2nd Bday

Happy Birthday to our little 2 year old Princess Beau.

A chocolate cake of course.

She wasn't too excited to blow out her candles, so Mommy helped. Daddy was the great cake mastermind.

Sibling Love, Thanks CharLee for the Tinker Bell.
Looooooooooooves her own little kitchen.

Baby stroller, a kitchen and lots and lots of princess things.

Anticipation of the unopened gifts.

The princess wanted to see dinosaurs, so we took her to Ice Age.

Lunch was at Chili's and Beau ate nothing, only chocolate milk. . .its her birthday.

Claims her balloons and never let them go the rest of the day.

Eggs was the little princess's request for her royal breakfast.
The little Prince and Princess.
Happy Birthday Princess Beau, We Love You!!!

Potty Practice for Beau has begun with her 2nd Bday. She is pretty defiant, but her parents are determined.

For dinner we made our first time ever, pizza from scratch dough and all.