Monday, July 13, 2009

Other Summer Things

This Summer so far as you can tell has been full of Fun and craziness, but most of the time we are at Home enjoying each other. Since our move, we have really bonded as a family since our neighborhood is kindof distant. I really love it. Beau and CharLee play with eachother, and I with them and just as a family. These are just a few pics of some of the other things the babes have been up too.

CharLee is taking piano from his Aunt Whitney and is doing so well. . .he is really naturally gifted at it.
Beau loves to be out in the sun, and barefoot.
CharLee always has a vivd imagination and is entertained by all his creative ideas. Right now he is working on a movie with his toy characters.


Hubba's Thoughts said...

That's hard having an antisocial neighborhood, especially when you guys are so nice and friendly! Our neighbors in Vegas were like that!! That's great you're making the best of it and enjoying each other more!!! Call us, we'll come play with you!

Angie said...

Piano lessons...SO fun! I need to start teaching the girls. We love the summer sun too! It's been hard for us too...moving to apartments. Most people like to keep to themselves here, which is VERY unlike us. But our ward is pretty outgoing. I'm sure it will get better...for you and us! :)