Monday, July 27, 2009

Name for the Babe

I think I have decided on a name. . .at least for now.

Andilyn Sage Lisonbee

We'll call her Andy for short
Andy and Beau the little Lisonbee princesses:)


Ashley Smith said...

That's such a cute name! Congrats! I sometimes wonder how I am going to raise a boy only having sisters, but I think that makes it more of an adventure. I know you were hoping for a boy, and I always wanted a brother, but sisters are wonderful and I promise Beau will be so glad to have a sister that close to her in age.

Chot Z said...

CUTE! Love it!

Arica said...

ashley! congratulations! i know you were hoping/expecting another son, but like ash said.. beau and andy will LOVE having eachother! especially so close. i don't know what i'd do without my sisters! anyway love you, and see you in a month!