Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Fun: Beaus 2nd Bday

Happy Birthday to our little 2 year old Princess Beau.

A chocolate cake of course.

She wasn't too excited to blow out her candles, so Mommy helped. Daddy was the great cake mastermind.

Sibling Love, Thanks CharLee for the Tinker Bell.
Looooooooooooves her own little kitchen.

Baby stroller, a kitchen and lots and lots of princess things.

Anticipation of the unopened gifts.

The princess wanted to see dinosaurs, so we took her to Ice Age.

Lunch was at Chili's and Beau ate nothing, only chocolate milk. . .its her birthday.

Claims her balloons and never let them go the rest of the day.

Eggs was the little princess's request for her royal breakfast.
The little Prince and Princess.
Happy Birthday Princess Beau, We Love You!!!

Potty Practice for Beau has begun with her 2nd Bday. She is pretty defiant, but her parents are determined.

For dinner we made our first time ever, pizza from scratch dough and all.


McGraths said...

Happy Birthday BEAU!!!!

Lee said...

(this is jo not lee:)
These are some of the greatest pics! Your babies are soooo adorable. My favorite is of Beau on the potty, how perfect!
I can't wait for your new baby to arrive! You are stunning, as always!

Ann Mitchell said...

Adorable!!! Get some "princess panties" to help with the training.