Sunday, November 22, 2009

That a Boy CharLee!

Just wanted to congratulate our boy on winning Art Reflectionscontest this year at his school. He did an artwork peice of a castle entitled "beauty is a fantasy land". I am so proud of him. He has so many gifts and talents, and I know his talented Grandma Essa is proud of him and his Artist Grandpa Jerry is smiling down from heaven. Way to go CharLee!

Luvs, Moma

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heaven Blessed

I am in Love and Blessed over and over again.

Love You Matthew and my Children.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Gratitude Jar

The first week in November our family started our Gratitude Jar. It sits on our counter until Thanksgiving. We can write down anything we are grateful for at any time when we think of something. On Thanksgiving morn we will read All the many many things we have to be grateful for.

This season I am feeling immense gratitude for our 3 heaven sent babies. They are all here:)

CharLee, Beau and little Andi

Thursday, November 5, 2009

2nd Annual Halloween Bash

The Halloween Bash Party Gang

Our new Family of 5

The Day began with going Grandma Bees garden to pick out pumpkins to carve

Beau wanted me to draw on her face

Daddy was the pumpkin master helper while I watched with Andi

We roasted the seeds

Getting Andi washed up for the party, Beau is already a little Mother

Soooo precious

Boooooooootiful little Andi all ready

The kids then helped Daddy create his costume. The human art masterpiece. He used his OR outfit.

And colored his newly shaven head

Our 3 Boo Babies

The kids made their artsy Halloween bags to go Trick or Treating

All ready to go. . .Trick or Treat!

Bompa Bee with Andi
Lee Jo and Soren as the Pride

Whitney and Jason as Princess Peach and Mario

The two sexy witch vampire Grandmas

Let's Feast on our Ghoulish meal

Pirate Bompa stirs the homemade root beer brew

The spread, 2 soups squash and split pea, pumpkin bread bowls, salad and scary snacks

Apple bites

Veggie eyeballs

The cute pumpkin bread bowls Grandma Bee made

Essa as the Witchy Poo

Essa painted Beaus face with her artistic talent

And again. . .Beau loved it. She wanted her face to be a scary witch that night but scared herself in the mirror, so we stuck to princess's.

The Manor Couple, French maid with her masterpiece

A close up of the masterpiece. I did the back of his lovely head

Made healthy nut ball spiders with the kids

CharLee presented his best costume awards (Made by CharLee:)

The kids couldn't get enough of the paint kits Essa brought, Daddy was a good sport

Bompa even was a victim

After the bash, the next day, we cut up the pumpkins and baked them for fresh Pumpkin Thanksgiving pies.

Happy Halloween !!!!!!