Monday, November 2, 2009

Our little Snow Angel Andi

Moments before I went in to the operation room. Mom Dad and Mom Bee were there too. Bompa took care of the kids since they were not allowed in the hospital.

While they were prepping me, Luv put on his nice OR outfit.

The birth was a very touching miraculous spiritual moment for us. Our first gaze on our little Andi's sweet face.

I feel tremendously blessed.

Yeah! we finally have a binki baby. Andi is such a sweet peaceful little soul.

Daddy's little Angel.

Last day in the hospital. . .it snowed. . .we got to surprise the kids a day early.

Beau has been sweet asking to hold and care for baby Andi.

The night we came home a day early and surprised the kids. It was like Christmas but better.

CharLee is so tender with his sisters.

Mom has been my right arm with the kids, thank you Mom. And my sweet husband has been everything I have needed and more through this whole experience. . .I could not have gone through it without him. I love you Matthew.


McGraths said...

I'll bring you dinner Wednesday. What time is good?

Dane and Jessica said...

Ashley you guys are the most beautiful family!! I bet your are loving that darling little baby. If you guys go private we want to be added!!

Chotz & Z said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a cute family.

Lacey Tait said...

She is just darling! I'm so happy for you guys! And Ash you look so beautiful hope your feeling good! Can't wait to see that little doll!

Kandis Mortensen said...

Ashley--she's so beautiful! With all the surprises this month and the waiting for her to get here--I hope you're finally able to experience some peace! Let me know if you need anything!--invite me too:

Lori & Scott said...

What an adorable baby! I'm so glad she is here. I hope that you are feeling better and recover quickly. I'm so happy for you guys. Love you all.

Anderegg & Co. said...

Wow, amazing! She is beautiful. I'm glad it all went so well. What can I do to help you? Do you need meals?