Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beaus First Steps, Lagoon and CharLee starts First Grade

Summer flew by so fast. It is crazy to think that this time last year Beau was only 1 month old. Beau did take her first steps a few weeks after turning 1; however, she is not big on it. She still continues to warm our hearts. Something kinda cute is she has started to love to dance. She will point to the ipod and then reach up for Matthew or I to hold her. Then she will take our hand in dancers position. One night Matthew danced her to sleep. She also is talking quite a bit. She says, Mom, Dad, Gee Gee (CharLee), Puppy, Shoes, Ba Ba (bottle) and still has her spunky personality. I call her Punky Beauster. CharLee has grown up so much. He started school (first grade) on the 18th of August and is loving it. His favorite thing is the "school resturaunt" lunch time. I guess I have deprived him a bit and so he is loving the variety. He said he would promise to eat his veggies if I got him a lunch ticket like the other kids. I am missing him though. . . he goes to school at 8:45 and doesn't get home until about 4pm. Although, it has allowed me to get some deep cleaning done and spend one on one time with Beau. I am just grateful he loves school and is progressing well.

We also took a last minute trip to Lagoon as a family. It brought back many memories of going as kids. CharLee also completed level 2 swimming lessons a week ago. It was a fun busy summer but now its time to get back to the school schedule. We are looking forward to the holiday season. Love to all our family and friends.

Just a Little Pic showing how excited Isabeau is to see CharLee after school.