Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Update

It has been hard to find the time to devote to our blog but if I am using it for a journal I know its importance. This year like all years has had its ups and downs. We continue to live simply happy and that is...we have each other and we have our Savior watching over us. Our children continue to grow and I wish I could just stop time a bit.

Andilyn is still sweet as ever....except when she deals with food and then she shows her feisty side. She turned one. We did a very simple home party with the Lisonbees and Essa. I made her sweet potatoes with pecan crust for a cake, and she looked adorable pushing her baby stroller. She has started to jab, she says Moma, Dad, Dog, Kitty,eyes, teeth. Speaking of teeth, she had an accident this week and we had to rush her to the ER and we are hoping her two bottom teeth will take re-root. It was extremely difficult to see her heart ached but all is well.Andilyn has also started to wave goodbye and give the most tender kisses.

Beau started preschool this year and loves it. She continues to have a very inquisitive mind and gets into some mess most days...we are trying to break her of drawing on walls. She loves to draw and give her snow white a bath. Still loving all things pink and princess and demands to wear dresses every day. She also loooves her kitty and will drag her around like a limp doll. Amidst me trying so hard with the veggies, she is our sugar baby, always asking for a treat.

CharLee is now in 3rd grade and is doing well. He loves to create. He is always planning some sort of family activity. The other night he planned the "lets see if the parents can have fun party" and had Matthew and I play games he instructed. He continues to love to draw and entered his picture of his family at disneyland this year in reflections. He also is into creating his own movies and video games. He is continuing piano and wishes to take voice and acting lessons. I don't know what I would do without his tenderness, he is my great helper with the girls.


Angie said...

So fun to see an update! Beautiful pics! So sad about the's so hard to see our kids get hurt. :( Your kids are so adorable...I would love to get together sometime!

Jamie said...

Love the update Ash...gorgeous pics of the kids. I love how the picture of Beau really captures her little personality! She's like my little girl...just a free spirit. How fun!

JAnderegg said...

Ashley, you are such a beautiful person, even in your writing. I love you and your family!!! Miss you so much!