Friday, March 6, 2009

California Bound?

Still feeling amazingly good and full of energy, yeah!!!!

So life has presented itself many uhm. . . unsettled learning opportunities 

#1 Learning to cook even more healthy and concious care for me and my family
#2 To Homeschool? It's looking hopeful, I have a day to spend with Sister Lasson for a little prep
#3 Matthew doing new line of Film work. . . webinars and possible Dr. Dad work?
#4  We are moving. . . .don't know how soon. . . the next 3-6 months. . . we will either try to stay  in Utah county or its off to California to work for Dr. Dad, yes, again, but all good:)

The unknown possiblilities and learning experiences could feel overwhelming; however I feel calm and peaceful about it all. Heavenly Father has never misguided our life and I know he won't let us down this time. We'll let you all know the final exciting Choice. Cheers to an ever evolving ever changing Life!

(Sorry about the lack of pics, it's kindof a lengthy process to put them on my laptop:)

Luvs, Gpants


McGraths said...


Trevor and Shelby said...

For what it's worth, we're in California and it's 74 degrees today. Come see us. The weather will lure you eventually. ;) Good luck with your decision though.

Laurie said...

We would be so sad to see you go, but I know you always have to do what is best for your own family. Good luck with all your decisions!!

Angie said...

We're moving to CA (Northern CA) Ric has been working there for the last 3 months. As long as the Lord is involved in the decision, I feel confident... :) Good luck with everything! I would love to get together with you...we're trying to go alkaline, and I would LOVE your input! :)My email is: