Friday, July 29, 2011

CharLee a Rock Star

So we are backtracking a bit...This is CharLee breaking it down the last day of 3rd grade. He also put together a very creative Graduation party.
CharLee is growing up to fast. In a month I will have a 10 year old, and what is even scarier is that Matthew and I got married when Lane was that age and now he is on a mission. Please time, slow down. CharLee remains to be tender, helpful, sweet, brilliant and a lover of all things movie,theme parks, creative and waterfilled. He has loved having a 7 peaks pass this summer. I love it when I can just talk to him before bed and hear his joys, ideas and fears. He also jsut has that in born spirit to know good. He bears his testimony and its his. I felt that when he was very young that he woudl be very spiritually strong amidst his physical challenges. One night He asked about how he would know when he finds the girl to marry...He replied, "well I think it maybe Aspyn, I don't know."