Wednesday, September 9, 2009

4 Week Kitchen Time

Kitchen Time

So with this little babe I have decided to do some of my own freezer food prep to help meals go a little smoother after I have baby. This will make it easier for me and Matthew and we can stay healthy.

This Week: Big batch of seed pancakes (to get the recipe go to
Week 2: Edamame burgers
Week 3: Dehydrated veggie crusts
Week 4: Roasted Mac Bell sauce (to go with Falafel) and hummus.

I will probablly also do our tomatoe canning and a few batches of berry freezer jam for Matthew. Then I can just whip up the veggies, shakes and salads and dinner is served!!!


Jamie said...

Most of our dinners are of the frozen variety. I usually make a normal batch of whatever it is and I'll freeze half. My family never eats a whole 9 1/2 X 11 size anything! It's great and makes life so easy!

jer and syd said...

We should have a freezer food making party. I need to do the same thing. When this baby is born Iknow if I there hasn't been an prep my kids will be eating chex and water for every meal.

much love...

McGraths said...

FUN! I made 2 batches of eggplant parm with home-grown eggplants and tomatoes and put them in the freezer. It is so nice to have them to fall back on when I don't feel like cooking. I'll have to do some more things before my babe comes.

McGraths said...

By the way, do you need before/afters soon?