Monday, September 14, 2009

You Know You Have a Princess. . .

You know you have a Princess when:

1. She says

"You have Princess ears?"

. . .when I wore my stud earrings. And then says,

"oh its pocky, owweee?"

. . .and then says,

"I want pocky, I want Princess ears!"

2. She rubs lip gloss all over her face, legs, arms and hair and comes to you and says,

"How I Look. . . most Booootiful?!"

3. She looks into her closet after I got her all ready for the day and points up to the dresses, first the yellow one and says,

"I want to wear Belle princess!"

I then change her into her yellow church dress. She then admires herself and says,

"Nope, no like it, I want off me."

Then points to a pink dress and says,

"I want I Know You (meaning Sleeping Beauty) dress, Otay."

4. Its bedtime and she cry's herself to sleep because you won't paint her toes and fingers until morning.