Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Plan

With going even more serious about gluten, dairy and yeast free with CharLee; today we are making Yeast free tortillas for future vegan pizzas. (recipe in my Moms book: Back to the House of Health 1). It has been fun becoming more creative in the kitchen. In a way I have been already prepared for this because of my parents educating me. . .so grateful. If I can just find a good recipe for pizza crust I think we'll be set. We already don't have much gluten,yeast, sugar or dairy in our home. Next year the goal for food storage will be to store 25lbs of grain (millet,raw buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa) each month and then I can also sprout or make any necessary flours from these. Plans are in the making:) If you have any good recipes send them my way please:)


jer and syd said...

hey let me know how it goes. Bela has Celiacs Disease and Gretta is lactose intolerant. We are on a pretty gluten/dairy free diet ourselves, I don't know how much yeast we consume. I am always in need of new ideas. I just went to a class, the instructor made us an entirely vegan meal (the icecream was so absolutely delicious). To help us come up with new ideas in the kitchen. Good luck!

much love...