Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CharLee's "Ben 10" 8th Birthday Bash

Dad took pics of CharLee "Ben 10" for a later surprise.
CharLee is getting soooo handsome. I can't believe he is 8!Daddy was in charge of the birthday celebration this year. He did the shopping, the cake and decorating.Mommy just loves you to pieces.
Beau helped make, or rather eat the Cake.
Daddy staying up late to decorate.
Made you your favorite breakfast, pancakes.
Loves for Beau after she gave you your first gift that morning. She knows how you love a good superhero movie.
Then it was off to school. Mom brought balloons and grasshopper cookies to class that day.
After school, Dad took our family to the place of CharLee's choice. . Liberty Land and Chili's. You even asked the server to make sure to sing to you.
You even picked the right number boat unknowingly:)
That eve we celebrated with the Lisonbee's. CharLee style gift opening. . ."relax sensation style".
I love these tender sibling moments.
Beau with Soren, the only cousin so far.
Whitney gave you your own climbing harness. You have learned to climb and love it.
Grandma, Grandpa Bee, Lee, Jo, Whitney and Lane were here too. We played pin the Omni Trix on the Ben 10. Grandpa was sick after being spun and Jo was all over the room thanks to Lee.
Beau was such a good sport trying to understand it was your celebration day. She loved helping you.
The last gift was a surprise from Mommy. You broke through the barrier up to your room to see it.
Your own personal "relax sensation", reading swing in your room. You screamed you were so excited.
Then Dad perfected your cake he made decorating it with all kinds of Ben 10 fun things.
You were so excited when you realized the Ben 10 was you on your cake. . . what a surprise! Dad is so clever and thoughtful. He spent all day planning and working on your 8th Bday.
It was so fun to have our own little family celebration for your 8th Bday.
CharLee we are so proud of you. Love you. Mom Dad and Beau.


McGraths said...

What a fun day! Happy Birthday, CharLee!

Angie said...

He is such a cute boy! What a fun birthday!

Crystal said...

Oh Happy Birthday CharLee!!! I can't believe He's 8 that means Ashy's is right around the corner. What a fun fun Day!!!

Jamie said...

Happy birthday to CharLee! 8 is such a great age! I must be out of the loop, because I have no idea what Ben 10 is?!?!?! You all look so great by the way!