Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Farwell Rancho Del Sol

We are finally Home after 11 days on the healing compound. The kids were ecstatic when they walked into their familiar comforts. I feel tremendously blessed to have the spiritual experiences I did and for the tender connections I made. I will never forget it. I was telling the Luv that I had so many amazing moments that it almost feels like it was a magical dream. I received many answers to my prayers. I am doing well and have more energy than I can remember. I still continue to detox. . . .so I guess this will be the norm for a while.  The kids are happy and less anxiety ridden, which is nice:) Today CharLee and I are going to break out the good old Omega and juice us up some delish green juice. We also invented a healthy "PB& J" sandwich with seed pancakes, almond butter and fresh Thai coconut water to sweeten it a bit and a Green Shake using strawberry and banana organic oils for a little variety. . . we are having fun being creative to make things work. Bon Apetit CharLee Bear.