Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 2

I would have slept a bit better; however my little ones started up chucking. We have deducted it was probably the mixture of grilled cheese and apple fries with whip cream they scarfed at Lego Land. Not a typical lunch for them:) It is a bit funny that I am here trying to get all healthy while my babes are sick. I really hate when they don't feel well. Beau has started to skip around again so hopefully it's a quick thing. Last night Charlee had the opportunity to play with a little 8 year old boy with Type 1 diabetes who is on the property. It was cute because they looked like brothers, tall and lanky with big blue eyes. I feel it was also good for CharLee to see kids like himself who have physical weakness who can be so brave and determined to become well. I am very curious to see how the Nucca adjustments and dietary changes help little CharLee Bear. He is my sweet sensitive boy. And, uhm....havn't made it to the art thing quite yet. Didn't realize I would be so busy. Maybe next week things will slow down a bit.
So far the Agenda for Today is:
Wake up
read scriptures and pray with my babes
1 liter greens
take care of my babes
broc and brussels and a bit of green shake for breakfast
1 liter greens
1:30 Lymphatic Massage at the Lucy House
Good Lunch probably salad and soup
3:00 IV therapy
1 liter greens
play with my babes, hopefully a little hammock laying in the avocado orchard if they feel up to it
5:00 some healthy dinner ( barley pattie with salad and celery/zucchini soup)
8:00 kids off to bed
1 liter greens
8:30 Sauna
9:00 prayers read and Bed.
Bed really unfortunatley didn't come as early becuase the kids are still detoxing:)

I'm in Love with You Matthew.

xoxoxo, Gorgeous


McGraths said...

It's fun reading your schedule. I wish I could be there cleansing with you...I have started back to vegetarianism (Dylan too). He is as gung-ho about it as I am.

I am so sorry that CharLee and Isabeau weren't feeling well. It was probably the food. I ate those apples there too over Christmas and my stomach was turning.
Can't wait to have you back so we can chat.

Angie said...

HOpe your little ones get feeling better. That's no fun.
I enjoy hearing about your daily gives me motivation to do better. I ate Quinoa black bean salad tonight with was refreshing and tasty...I'm slowly introducing new foods to the girls. They had cereal tonight though... lol.
I'm really interested in how it affects those that are type 1. I would LOVE for Ric to be able to not rely so much on insulin...We'll have to talk sometime... :)
Have a GREAT stay...

Wyatt said...

Are you for serious?!?! I'm in CA right now in the OC. Am I going to get to see you guys. I mean, I know you're busy and you've obviously got a full agenda but if you can squeeze a second for me I'd love it! If not know that you're in my thoughts always, always, ALWAYS!

Love you guys SO MUCH!