Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Natural Immune Booster for your Kids


This we use in our home as a natural antibiotic. Growing up myself and now with my own children, we don't have to go see a doctor because of this and some other things we do when we get ill. Whenever they start to come down with something, I take them off all sugar(because it stunts the white blood cells from fighting off bugs) and dairy( they don't really eat any dairy though), make them a big bowl of veggie (lots of onion and garlic) pureed soup, drink pH water with greens and give them this every couple hours, a good multivitamin/vitamin C and some colloidal sliver(can also be used as a natural immune booster). It is an organic bovine source of Colostrom. It makes sense when you think about what our Colostrom does for our babies:) Something else that is good, is to put your child in a Epson Salt (draws out sickness through the skin/third kidney) bath and cut up some fresh cucumbers to soothe their skin.  Then use coconut oil to moisturize and give them a little baby massage.
*You can find the Colostrom and Salts at Good Earth or Whole Foods in the supplements*

Healing Soup:

-Saute in a good oil, 1/2 onion and 4 cloves of minced garlic for approx 4 min on med or until onions are clear
-Add 8 cups of high Ph water or Pacific Veggie broth (or your own home made veggie broth)

-Add desired veggies ie: celery, cabbage, spinach, carrots, green beans, kale anything that is dark green is going to have the best cleansing effects

-Then warm on Lo/Med for about 20-30 minutes( you never want to cook the veggies to death or they loose a lot of their benefits)

-Then add 2-4 tbsp. of good oils and real salt to desired taste (add this when the soup is not hot because you don't want to change the properties of good oils like Udo's or Hemp etc.)

-Then take desired amount (and a few spoonfuls of raw avocado) you need to feed your youngster and blend in blender or Vitamix until smooth.

*Your child may not like this at first but if you help them understand what it is doing for their little body they will start to grasp on to it. Then when they are healthy and they are going for sweets all the time you can say "okay, then when you feel sick because of your food choices come to Mama and I'll help you become well with Heavenly Fathers Healing Foods":)Or whatever you feel inspired to say as their Mother:)


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