Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Full Day at Rancho Del Sol

Today was quite the full day at Del Sol

Wake Up
Read scriptures Pray
1liter greens
Kundalini Yoga time with the mother
Breakfast:green juice, salad with yummy dressing
Get children ready to go to Lego Land with Essa
Shower. . .try to feel pretty
1 liter greens
Pray and receive blessing from DAD
2hr Energy Healing with Dr. Matao (I loved the live harp and the treatment was amazing)
Lunch: Green juice, salad, tomatoe basil salad
1 liter greens
38 min 132degree sauna. . get real sweaty!
Time for another shower. . salty salty
1 liter yes greens
Get warm pjs on
Eat dinner with Dad
Dad gives me 4 oz of pure chlorophyll (not my favorite)
Dinner: Salad yes with avocado, coconut broccoli soup and once again green juice(spinach, kale,parsley, celery and some other greens stuff)
Time to wait for my Blood cleansing Sodium IV
Feeling really good
Is nice to be able to take care of my body and spirits
Waiting for the babes to return home from Lego Land
Feeling so grateful

Missing my Luver

Missing my Luver