Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Body Spirit TLC

Here we are, me and my children. We are in California. I am here not just merely for a routine visit with Popeye and Essa, but for a whole body cleanse and reboot. Yes, I am doing the real PH Miracle program. I feel really blessed. I had my blood tested by my Papa Dr. Young this morning. It was amazing to see my blood and to see everything I have been feeling was right there in the blood. Every weakness that I know can become strengthened with Faith, prayer and some TLC guidance from my Dad. I am now off to do 2 hours of IV therapy and emotional clearing. We shall see what comes. I just feel really at peace that I am where I need to be and find answers for me and my little family. I feel this will not only be a blessing to me but my family and many others. Maybe one day from my healing I can help others like myself and those mothers who have children find a little peace in knowing our life is lead and can be whole again. I am a witness of His miracles and His mercy.

I Love and miss you my Luv. Hope you got your little pillow note i left:)

I am going to attempt to start an Italian countryside oil painting while I am here for our bedroom. . . nothing like a little art therapy to hone the heart.