Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today we are going to put up our art deco stars we glittered up this morning when the Bear gets home from school.  On Saturday , our Family worked real hard together to make the basement somewhat of an orderly space. CharLee and I turned the North corner into an imaginary play world. . . .no movies, no computers. . . just toys, books,  and pure make believe. Our little stars should add the perfect touch in making the ceiling come to life.  I always had my little spaces growing up where I could imagine I was anything, and with the winter and it being hard to play out in the cold, this will be the perfect place for the kids to run away into their Neverlands. Yes, the surroundings are just cement floor, wood beams and boxes,  but to see what we created in the end was so fun. . . .CharLee said "Mom, I'm really going to have a Clubhouse of my very own!" Life feels so peaceful and complete when you see it in your babies eyes and have a little voice say, "This,  is what your are here for. . ." I feel this is why a year ago I felt no longer connected to my career "work".   It had nothing to do that it was good or helpful to me and others. I was tremendously blessed to work beside my loving husband and still do occasionally; I was however sacrificing my time and energy that could be fed to these types of learning teaching moments with my children. I tried to follow the spirit and went forward with faith that this was the right decision. I cherish these little simple treasures. I feel Peace. 



Donna said...

That is soooo neat, can't wait to see pictures of what you guys created.