Monday, February 2, 2009

Get Healthy Tip

So due to all the questions, here is the first healthy tip idea of the week:

Instead of iodized salt use the better source not striped and processed

Real Salt

Using this type of salt is great for the body and gives so many vital minerals.

Instead of using butter use other better "good oil" sources to build your red blood cells, feed your brain, protect your skin and help aid digestion and even melt fat away:

Omega 3. 6 . 9 Udo's Choice (always use raw to recieve best benefits (found in fridge section of Good Earth or health store)
Coconut Oil (we use in on our flat bread like toast use in soups and sauces (antibacterial) great to also use on skin ie:excema
Grape Seed Oil: Use on salads with a little lime and real salt; perfect oil to cook with more of a light oil.
Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp seiled Oil and many other great oils that aid the body in different ways

Luvs, Ash