Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Loooove this Season!

My friend wrote why she loves this season, and I must agree, its my favorite too! I really really feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place with 4 seasons, there is always something magical to look forward to.

So here are some of my loves of Fall Season...

Cozy Fall Sweaters (I love Matthew in his), Boots and Blankies

Fireplace cuddling and herbal teas

Canyon drives up the Alpine Loop.

Smell of Orange clove wassail.

Brisks walks with the Family.

Knitting hat and scarf creations.

Opening the windows to smell the fresh fall air.

Picking colored leaves, and watching the kids play in them. . .Crunch!

Garden Yummy meals and Fall soups, love Butternut squash and Tomato Basil.

Holiday craft time with the Kids and indoor campouts.

Beautiful photography backgrounds.

Planning for the many Family gatherings and Holidays!

How could you not LOVE this place!


Jamie said...

I completely agree! It's just perfection!

Katie Lane said...

Fall is my FAVORITE too! let's go on brisk walks together! oh wait, i forgot you have c-sections. i was thinking, let's get the baby coming!