Monday, April 13, 2009

Bamboo Plant

A bamboo plant. I was given a small bamboo plant after struggling with my health while we lived in our Alpine home from my sweet visiting teacher. She knew we were so excited to be building our very first home in Lehi , and said it would be for good luck in our new home. The plant has thrived for almost 3 years of which we have been blessed here in Pretts Place. A few months ago I saw that it was struggling and though I continued to water it, its ends never  renewed. As I was starting to pack my home decor today in prep to move, I left the little plant out. As I thought back I had a thought, it really knows, we are moving on and a part has died. For me, those are some feelings I have been experiencing. I know we are to move on, but a part of my heart with the sweet experiences and memories I have had here is coming to an end. . . .I will always have a part of my heart here.  Maybe I'll plant it in a new little pot and the little guy will thrive again when we are settled. I feel peace and know we will be blessed.