Friday, April 3, 2009


So for those who voted California, I am sorry to say that we will not be moving there. The circumstances have led us to stay here in Utah for now and find a home to rent. We will hopefully be moving out sometime in May if we can find a home that quickly.  I am relieved my Luv is home and now it is just stress time trying to put the plan in order and actually act, especially when right now it feels very overwhelming on many levels, however I am so thankful to have some answers. I will try to stay positive and pray I can start feeling a little better to be more proactive in getting things done. A new chapter of life awaits, I know we will be led to where we need to be.


jer and syd said...

my sweet Ashley,

I am so glad questions are being answered. Utah will be blessed by you and your family's presence. I am happy that Matthew got home safe, CharLee's procedure went well, Little Beau is beautiful and you are a wonderful nurturer to that baby inside you. And if all else falls through our renters move out on April 30 so there is a a townhome waiting if you need it.

with love