Monday, April 27, 2009

Count Down

So I cleaned out my pantry today and felt pretty good about the progress of the packing made in a week. It is serious countdown time for the not so big move we were anticipating to California. I am a bit relieved we are not moving to California, its beautiful and my family is there, but that is not where I feel at home. The magestic mountains give me comfort, the coziness of a White Christmas, the cost of living is much less, I feel more at ease raising my kids, familiar faces and family oriented eniviroment, less crazy freeways,  my baby doctor is here, Handsome's whole extended family is here and the list goes on.  Don't get me wrong, I really really love the beauty of California and especially the ocean.  I think it would be lots of fun to live in California but not really the place we want to raise a family. . . I never felt at home there even when my family moved there. . . its just not home. . . it feels like a great vacation getaway.  I guess you feel more at home with where your roots were planted. Saturday is the day, just hope the weather is happy:)



Mandy said...

We'd love to help you guys move. I can watch kids or lift things. Let us know what time and we'll be there.
I think you're moving to my old neighborhood. Is it Loch Lomond?

McGraths said...

Ash, Let us know how we can help. I'll want to see your new place. After you move, you'll have to come over and veg!