Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Stuff

-Cut my hair. . . pretty short. . .Matthew looooooooooooves it. . .its all for you Luver.
-13 weeks. . .heartbeat good:) and kickin. . .bumps a showing. . .nausea is subsiding, yeah!
-Bought a storage ottoman. . . 18$. . .yes brand new. . .coveted one for many years. . . used some of my birthday money. . .thank you Mom. Now the nights of Net Flicks are complete my Luv:)
-Given a school desk for CharLee to put in the kitchen. . .thank you Crystal it will be perfect.
-Spent time with our future owners of the home. . .they are so great. . .The Gines. . .One little 2year old girl. . .so excited for them they will love it here and fit right in.
-Packing is progressing. . .so thankful for everyone in our lives that has helped. . .Moms, Dads, Friends, Family, Bro. Smoot, Bishop. . . Thank you:)


Wyatt said...

You cut your hair???!!?!??! I want to see pics!

If I were there I'd help you pack and I'd put my hand on your showing bump : )

Miss you guys!

McGraths said...

I want to see your hair! Dylan is planning on helping on Saturday. We'll probably stop by too.